Montreux 2012 205

Snow-capped mountains

And spring flowers trim the lake.

You are not alone


As you pay homage

To a love we’ve both kept warm,

Across time and space.


As you re-trace paths

We once walked together,

I am there with you.


Your joy is mine too

When your memory recalls

Great times we shared.


Just like the seasons

Straddle beneath the bright sun

Our souls do the same.


Spring transcends Winter

Each time I see you again.




A practice in patience

standing in the shadows

you dawn on me

with a glowing smile

to wake up my heart


Clouds blotted you today

replaced with incessant rain

threatening stormy weather

refracted to my soul


Time’s lethargy

spreading contagiously

as hours creep on

while I wait for you this time


I ought to love the rain

filled with memories

of its gentle dance with me

synchronised with my storm


But I am back to longing again

to find the Sun waiting for me.


The old man dosed in his favourite chair though his usual nap eluded him.

Once again, he vowed to stop watching the news which left him feeling distressed.

The latest announcement reminded him of those dark days of carrying a pass wherever he went, the curfew hours, the restrictions that banished him from enjoying God’s gifts.

He recalled those bitter days that segregated his life into compartments of different  worlds.

Tears welled in his eyes as he remembered vividly the things he had done for his freedom, now being dismantled piece by piece, brick by brick with every passing day.


You win again.

Filled with resolution,

Fiery determination,

I sprinted and strutted.


Predicting your pace,

How was I to know-

The Spring in your step

The mottled colours of your Fall?


Numbed by your Winter’s breath,

Wilted in your Summer’s heat.

Turning now, there you go again-

Leaving me behind…


With remnants, the residue remains.

Soon, just a ghost of a year

That will haunt yellowed pages

Of history books, stacked high!


A flickering, fleeting wind-

You win again, the race of time,

Blasting the world record-

Filled with olympic breaking news!


Leaving surprised losers everywhere!


Seize this prize moment,

cash in your winnings and spoils.

Luck’s temperament

plays her pendulum mood-swings.

Her metronome ticks,


losing your seconds

that could have been precious hours.

You may never recover

from losses you earn-

in the time you have burned.


Feel the wind’s quick breath

as it whizzes through your hair!

See the color range

through nature’s masterful art.

Hear her network sounds.


Count the daily smiles

among the people you see.

Light up their world to

with gifts you willingly share.

Yield surprise returns.


Happiness is found

in each moment we relish.

The bitter and sweet

in aftermath come to greet.

Glad tidings they bear.


Cherish this moment too my dear!




grey sky 3

Was it it just yesterday

when you snuck through my window

seeping warmth on a frail Winter’s day?

A beaming sun, you smiled just for me,

until I mellowed like Cabernet Sauvignon.


Now I see the leaves begin to wrinkle,

spots of old age confuse the image I have

of your smooth gentle strokes,

when you loved with abandon and abundance.

Which season is this? I fear I forget.


You’ve long disappeared behind grey haired clouds.

Your failing eyesight can no longer trace my face.

A melancholic withering light is all that I see

as seasons change guard right in front of me.

I close the curtains of my window, once bare.


A gust of wind steals into my room. Your ghost

now brings an artificial light. Yet still I remember

steamy hot Summer kisses with the promise of

soaking wet rain as its fragrance hovered in the air,

days when your light won the race against time

and your hours and minutes were mine.


But now I’m no longer so sure about my memory.

The seasons changed while I was lost in my reverie.



I thought I had you in the palm of my hand

Captivated by my scintillating charm

Wrapped tightly on the wrist of my arm

Until I woke up to the sound of the alarm


Where did you go when I was asleep?

Lately you have taken to the tracks

Racing wildly like hunting wolves in packs

Slipping through the fissures and the cracks


Moving in the shadows, conspiring with the sun

Contracting my nights, stretching through my days

Fooling me, blinding my sight in contrived ways

Confusing my colors with luminescent greys


Was it just a dream or did I see you fleetingly?

So suddenly, you conjure your magic tricks on me

I feel your temperature drop by a fractional degree

A subtle change, the first leaf falls from the tree.


Mistakenly, I thought I had you enraptured

Instead I am the victim that time has captured.