Montreux 2012 205

Snow-capped mountains

And spring flowers trim the lake.

You are not alone


As you pay homage

To a love we’ve both kept warm,

Across time and space.


As you re-trace paths

We once walked together,

I am there with you.


Your joy is mine too

When your memory recalls

Great times we shared.


Just like the seasons

Straddle beneath the bright sun

Our souls do the same.


Spring transcends Winter

Each time I see you again.




Just to have loved you

for a lingering while–

That is more than enough.

Just that fleeting sojourn

we shared on a forest path

gave life new meaning–

what I needed from you.


Do you remember,

the day that we first met?

The sun steadily drizzling

through fluttering leaves,

the riotous orchestra

of harmonious birdsong

as we fell into step.


By your side, nothing to hide

in sheer naked splendour,

our true selves laid bare.

Your voice was so gentle

as you took my hand in yours,

guided and sheltered me

from a jungle of thorns.


You gazed deep into my eyes,

took me back to a place

where we’d been together

in a distant time and space.


When we reached the river

and your lips touched mine–

I heard the rush and the trickle

of ages gone by, where

this precious moment

was reminiscent of travels

to Oblivion’s  past.


This was no dress rehearsal

but the real opening act

of a mysterious drama

based on historical fact.


So in this moment

of perilous ecstasy–

Tranquility found me

and I know for certain

that no other love

could ever leave me

feeling quite like this!


When I fear being lost

I know that you will find me

A tracker, navigator and compass

To my troubled, wavering soul


Seek and I shall find – you said

And there you were, waiting

With words of warming comfort

Ready to be my guiding ranger


You offered me a rock

On which to build my home

So here I am, receiving shelter

From the ceaseless raging storm


You promised me eternal Sun

To nurture my inner strength

I’ve found a shoulder to lean on

You rise each day, to give me hope


Most of all you’ve followed me

Through lofty mountains and

The turbulence of turning tides

Through it all, I’ve seen your smile


Now I know, I’d do it all over again

Just to be one with you…





orange moon

Earth held its breath for a captive moment,

Tides fizzled out in their last ebb and flow,

Winds subsided in their frivolous frolic,

Thickets subdued into sounds of silence.


All stood to attention to let the music play,

First the low tremor of drums riding on a breeze,

Then the ripples of the piano’s permeating waves,

A gentle stroke of the violin, caressing lover’s touch.


A rising ensemble as each instrument trumped in,

Soon the night was dazzled by an orange moon,

Playing quartet with stars, skies and glowing earth

A night such as this comes but once in a lifetime.


He led her to the spotlight of that leafy stage,

Anticipating the fever and fervour of their final dance,

When he would pace her through her seven veils,

Beyond revelation to the nakedness of souls.


The audience rallied in harmony, their universal call,

A resounding applause and standing ovation given by all.

pond 3

he stood before me, my honor to defend

neath his steely armor, his heart he came to lend

he primed his sword as he extended me his hand

his words though gentle,were from a foreign land


under a shrouded moon, he whispered in my ear

I felt the consuming fire of his breath as he drew near

he shed his cloak to shield me from my trembling storm

as he held me close, I clung to his tall and shadowy form


two strangers taking comfort on the banks of a silent pond

for a mysterious moment, not concerned what lay beyond

time stretched eternally as he shared his love with me

giving flight to a bird whose spirit needed to be set free


as the night receded into dawn, the sun took centre stage

amidst the rolling, rustling leaves I saw it, a fluttering page

with trepidation, I read the message written in cursive ink

“I have always loved you, always…” My tears began to blink


I walked along the banks, with head bowed, shoulders despairing

when at last I raised my eyes, there he was, standing at the clearing.


No pretty gift box from me

Left under your glittering tree

No Yule tide message exchanged


It’s a gift that none but you will see

Can’t smell it or touch it, and it is free

No shops keep it stocked on their shelves


You’ll feel its shiny wrapping

And you’ll hear its beat tapping

If you listen with your heart.


You’ll smile when you find it

And taste of its flavors sweet

Each time you slip into your dream


For you, I share my imagination

To fill your mind with inspiration

And warm your heart with peace


For you, I’ve made a pledge

To walk with you until the edge

Where your soul finds its freedom


This gift will forever be priceless

When we behold eternal brightness

Source: Charles Wilson –

I almost missed the grim figure who stood at the water’s edge, lost in the seclusion of his own thoughts. But he heard the rustle of leaves and turned slowly to gaze up at me, a tormented look in his eyes. As soon as they locked with mine, his slow gentle smile spread into the fine crinkles of his brown eyes. I started to cry, and soon I was sobbing uncontrollably. He reached out for my hand, seeping all warmth from his into mine and I knew – I knew then that I would never want for anything. He had restored my soul.


Caught the whispers

Of our souls’ last embrace

As the sun cast new light on a

new day!