Truth held her tongue

Shuddering, timid and weak

Kneeling to power


For too long subdued

By weaponry of the state

Built on the Big lie


For too long crouching

Convinced she could not win

Against the mighty


For too long ruled

By bigotry and sly greed

She  lifted the stone


Now we have a sling

Giving voice to the voiceless

Through phone and fibre


Empires will fall

When crowds speak truth to power

By choosing their mark


The David within

Dormant for too long



A stone on my back,

Heaves from a sinking ship,

A moving cloudburst,


Undulating tides,

Have all had their way with me.

Vanquished – I lie


Waiting for the dawn

Of a sun-breezy day,

Silver-lined oaths


To free my bondage

And cover my nakedness,

Shield my dignity.


Time to lift the curse

To clear the smog in the air

That blinded us all.


Time has come for us

To rinse away the rancour

Of a captured state!


bystander quote
Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

It started out as a  scuffle between two teenagers, but she recognised the menace in his eyes.

She felt uneasy as the tired women, unemployed men and unkempt children left their bored lives to gather around.

Then she spotted the gang and knew that this was no ordinary fight.

As they advanced with weapons, gripped with whitened knuckles, she saw that fatal blow to the boy’s head, sprung to his defence, covering his body with her own, feeling his life drain away.

They stood threateningly over her. They were not done with his lifeless body.

The crowd watched on.



Amidst the charred remains lie remnants of children’s clothes. Someone cared. But where were they all in the early hours of the morning when that shack went up in smoke, smothering, choking and snuffing out the tortured screams of three innocent lives?

Someone heard a fight, the mother’s screams. Someone brought a pail of water but it was too late.

Who are they who should defend this happening again?

It just did. Another child torched in a shack yesterday. A melted, twisted shell of metal. Remnants of a home, another life stolen by them. By us all. Where were we?