Happy Sunday coming down to all of you and as usual, I wish you all an awesome week ahead. Well if you didn’t know it before, you must know that I am a sucker for the saxophone and, Kirk Whalum featured here, is one of my favourite saxophonists. I hope you enjoy the battle of the multigenerational performance of Fit to Battle as much as I did. He is accompanied by his uncle, “Peanuts” and his son, “Kyle”. Here’s a musician who I think deserves a special tribute after many years of making good music and playing with some other well renowned artists featured in collaborations here. I have include two versions of I will always love you. Each are hauntingly beautiful and I couldn’t help but include the version with the violin in the last clip. Look out for another great jazz vocalist next week and other instruments I’ll be profiling. All the Best! Chevvy.

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Hope you’ll be having a great Sunday as the sun comes down on you. I also hope that you’ll enjoy today’s selection of music to accompany your winding down for the weekend. This is my third week into paying tribute to some of my favourite musicians chosen from a combination of R&B and Smooth Jazz and preferably, live performances where I can find them. There’s just something about feeling like you are right there with the audience, hearing the sound of each instrument or the warm embrace of the voice of the vocalist.Too often we celebrate artists when they are gone. As far as possible, this season of Sunday coming down pays tribute to artists who have paid their dues over 20 or more years and may still be performing. That staying power, in mind, is at the heart of real talent. My choice today is Lalah Hathaway, daughter of the late, great Donny Hathaway. Join me in my Studio and be mesmerised by Lalah’s sultry voice and her collaborations with other great performers. Here’s a toast to a great Sunday coming down and a wonderful week ahead! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I hope you are all having a great Sunday. As Sunday comes down here in the South, still in the midst of Winter, join me in winding down to the sounds of Dave Koz. The saxophone is one of my favourite instruments. I’m paying Tribute today to Dave Koz who has achieved recognition as a great saxophonist in the smooth jazz industry over more than 25 years. Enjoy this feast of  smooth jazz with some of Dave’s great songs and collaborations with other noteworthy musicians. Here’s wishing you all a great week ahead!!💓


It’s Sunday coming down again for me right now with curtains of darkness falling around me rapidly. When it comes around to you, I hope you’ll relax to this last season of Sunday coming down in terms of my selection criteria. I’ve now come to the end of the alphabet, combining the letters, X, Y and Z. There wasn’t too much to choose from but the good thing is that I found music I don’t normally listen to. I hope for example, that you’ll enjoy the stunning performances of Yanni and his band of musicians with its feast of instruments and high energy. Next week, Sunday coming down will begin a feature on individual artists including duets or collaborations that they have done as sought after musicians. Once again my primary focus will be R&B and smooth jazz. To all the Dads in the house, enjoy the rest of Father’s day and to all of you – have a great week ahead!

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Dear Friends, it’s that time of the week when I invite you to join me when the sun sets- have that last glass of wine or if you are in the South like I am, in the middle of Winter – have some decadent hot chocolate. Whatever your flavour, sit back and relax for a while. The year is racing ahead and the world can sometimes be a complex place so if you are looking for some escape – come along with me for a while. I’ve so enjoyed picking out songs every week since I rediscover old favourites or discover new favourites. For those of you who loyally follow this post – I thank you. I invite you also to read Joan’s comments in my comments section and visit her at Just Joan

Her comments are an absolute delight and are part of the fun of doing this post. Thanks also to Tracy from A Joyful Process who is a Music Guru of note. Please listen up for his additions to my list. Today, is the penultimate post in this season of Sunday coming down in which I’ve selected musicians whose names begin with “W”. Next week I will group X,Y and Z . I have an idea for a new season of Sunday coming down after that. Well, it’s dark outside down South and time to wish you a great week ahead! 💞💞

I hope Sunday has been good to you so far and as the sun comes down on you, sit back and relax to the smooth sounds I’ve selected for this week’s Sunday coming down. I’ve had to skip the letter “U” today since I don’t have anything suitable from my collection. So today’s selection of R&B and Smooth Jazz to usher in a great week ahead comes from musicians whose names begin with the letter: “V”. Enjoy it y’all!!


It’s dark outside and the cold has seeped in here in the South. As the sun comes down, I hope you will join me in listening to some great music I’ve put together for you. I hope you are having a great weekend. Relax and take it easy as you soak up the last rays of sun and look forward to a pleasant week ahead. Today, enjoy a collection of Smooth Jazz and R&B of musicians whose names begin with the letter “T”. As always, you are welcome to add your favourites in the comments section.  Enjoy!!🎈🎈💫✨💥💞💞💞💫✨🎈🎈



Hey everyone, hoping that you are all  having a great day and if you’re not – if the world is too much for you as it sometimes is these days, then come away with me, sit back and relax to the smooth sounds I’ve put together for you. As Autumn sheds her copper colours and slithers into wintry nights here in the South or when your Summer night cools a sunny day, join my jazzy room and enjoy my indulgence in the sultry sounds of Sade or the other great musicians whose names begin with the letter “S”  Make every day count this week! 🎈🎈🎈💫💫✨💥💥💞💞💞💫✨🎈🎈

This one is but a lovely rendition from our very own Simphiwe Dana sung in Xhosa

As Sunday comes down, I send Mother’s day greetings to all mothers including those who fullfill their nurturing role in other ways. While our temperature is rapidly falling, let the love temperature rise in your hearts. Here’s wishing you an awesome week and hope you’ll enjoy my selection of musicians from the R&B and Smooth Jazz genre whose names begin with “R” You are welcome to add to the list. Have a blast ! 🌹🎈🎈✨🎈💫💫