How many sunshines

And rainy days did I miss

Of your daily life?


In this pretty urn

Is all that remains of you.

I wonder which one.


The one that smiled

In my memories of her

Or the scowl and frown.


Did I really see

The person you paraded

Or the masquerade?


Will I ever know

The genesis of your smile

Now hidden away


In your everyday life

That I missed all these years.

I said: “I love you!”


Now I’m not so sure.


treasure box 2

Fascinated, excited like a child,

following you on your treasure-hunt

of my diamonds and pearls.


You’re gentle and you take your

time, carefully lifting things and

like an archeology find,

you cry out in childlike wonder,



Like an Easter egg hunt, some

are nested in carefully wrapped

glitter of an ordinary chocolate egg,

others are wrapped in plastic disguise.


Most precious of all and buried

deep within the vines of music

labels, artistry of words and images,

lies my soul.


And I creep softly behind you,

curious whether you’ll find it.

Even if you do, I have the key for

the box that encases and shields it.


I break into a sweat, breathless now.

You’ve come too close,

It’s right there in front of you,

suddenly afraid, you’ve discovered it!