How many sunshines

And rainy days did I miss

Of your daily life?


In this pretty urn

Is all that remains of you.

I wonder which one.


The one that smiled

In my memories of her

Or the scowl and frown.


Did I really see

The person you paraded

Or the masquerade?


Will I ever know

The genesis of your smile

Now hidden away


In your everyday life

That I missed all these years.

I said: “I love you!”


Now I’m not so sure.



A destination

Or the irretrievable

Point of no return


A place to settle

To nestle on solid ground

Leave steep slopes behind


The rush of the wind

May no longer blush your skin

No thudding heartbeats


But you have arrived

Where your line of sight is clear

No more surprises


Still adventure calls

With bright city lights ahead

Enticing allure


And we are back there

Chasing mirages and ghosts

Of what could have been


But time moved along

The dazzle now a glimmer

Of what might have been


So we climb again

Counting the hours and years

Of  joys and sorrows


The peaks and the troughs

Lead to another plateau

Where dreams do come true


If only we let them…



The Prompt for this poem was to take a domestic situation and relate to  a surreal vs real scenario. Had a bit of writer’s block today but here we go:

source: http://www.aliexpress.com

These words

Once ripe-

Bursting for you

Now washed out


Hang limp

Pegged and dry

Ready to fold away

Nothing left to say


Cinderella is home

Her prince has gone astray


As I prepared another load

I recalled the princess and the toad….


head in hands

It’s past midnight

And sleep remains elusive.

Time keeps ticking, ticking!

You break into a sweat.

What about tomorrow,

And the day after that?

You’ve tried before

To set yourself free,

But you’re tormented

By what you cannot see.

Confusion turns the tides

Of your faltering heart.

Words betray your emotion

In what it has become.

It’s hard to interpret

These immobilising feelings

That are not supposed to be.

Still time keeps ticking, ticking!

The voices inside your head

Grow quarrelsome tonight.

Some say go, others

Tell you not to move,

Each shouting louder

Until you can’t think.

But you alone know:

Something has to end!

Chevvy8 : Sea Point

Some would call you a scavenger,

Scouring for your favorite meats,

Indiscriminately relishing your hidden treats,

Unruffled Don Juan, always so cavalier.


Others say that you are a messenger

Sent from beyond horizons of the sea,

With epistles you have composed for me,

Glad tidings from another hemisphere.


You stand with pride on your pillar,

Confidently studying my every move,

Casting doubt of what I need to prove

As you roam shores, ever a serial spiller.


I am inclined to see the very soul of you

Before my thoughts carry me too far.

I recognize you for the seagull you are

On ocean and sand, swooping through.


The wind had changed direction and almost subsided now.

Some of the dust had settled on her tear-streaked face. Her

belongings lay strewn like a tossed box of matches.

She had no forewarning of the destruction that would be unleashed.

As the new year broke, someone called her real name. …..






It is a place that I had never been

It is a beauty that I had never seen

It is a value that I had never measured

It is a love that I had never treasured


It was the lesson learnt from my teacher

It was to see the full depth of each feature

It was to go back and search from within

It was to start with loving my own skin


It will be with sadness that I must move on

It will be discerning between right and wrong

It will be time to check against my new reflection

It will be time to stop looking for perfection


It is a time for being strong in my transitions

It is  a year to make new binding decisions

It is an awakening from a dream to the real

It is a determining of exactly how I feel


Though the teaching methods were unusual

The student is filled with a sense of renewal

But sometimes the roles were reversed

When the teacher became the student first


The work of a teacher is never done

When one plus one equals one.