I made this for you

Who have not nursed a child

Though mother to all


Who held up a torch

When I tripped in the dark

You guided my way


You were born for this

To pick up the broken parts

Make them whole again


Your little bundle

Is wrapped in those of us

Whose lives cross your path


For the love of a mother

Can be in one woman to another


( A special dedication to special women in my life on mother’s day)


Between rhythm and rhyme

wondering which it would be

words seemed to fail me

the notes sounded out of key


Then you walked into the room

arranged the lyrics to a tune

You blew me away– repeatedly,

endlessly, to heights not yet known


Words so cleverly coupled, selected,

slithered into slippery dark places

stirring memories and  dreams

painful heartbreaks of yesterday.


Caught up in an exotic dance

the music allured me once again

the beats, the strums, together

with words, they knew the drums


of my heart. They danced in  valleys,

on mountains, through the oceans

beneath the moon and with the sun–

lighting up life between night and day.



I’d rather be with you

Wondering through vacant rooms

Looking at old photographs

Of how it used to be


When we loved with such abandon

All you did was look at me

Just a gentle flick, and like hot wax

I melted, flowing everywhere


I’d rather be with you

In the dark silence of the night

Where we fumbled and stumbled

Over each other’s words


Eventually tossing them out

With the past hurt and pain

Their resurrection would bring

No more tears, all we did was cuddle.


I’d rather be with you

Knowing where we both had been

Then turning down roads untrammelled

Where surprise is an aphrodisiac


Harmonising signs of the zodiac

Connecting our separate worlds

Like the first man on the moon

Anticipating fresh discovery anew


I’d rather be with you.

peace 6

Beyond beauty spas–

stepping out of silhouette,

at last her time has come–


To lead and nurture,

heal the war-torn damage

of our wounded past.


A world asunder

through outrageous blunder,

now calling for Peace.


Hear me when I say

now, at last her time has come.

Listen to her voice!



bringing calm to tame the winds

and turbulent seas.


A toss of coins–

gambling carelessly with lives,

has won her a place,


To sit among men

and hoist freedom’s fresh flag.

Her time has come!


Who will cast a stone

or seek splinters in her eye

without solution?


With eyes wide open–

cast your vote for Peace,

for her time has come!





A voyeur

watching your life

in panoramic view


Stage manager

joining in applause

to an outstanding act


A commentator

to an exciting match

praising a spectacular win


Yet you can’t stop feeling

that something is missing

so you keep searching–


Somewhere out there…

then you’re surprised

to find that it was you–


Missing in your own life

all  this time


Volcanic eruptions abound

With each step that we turn around

Muted voices rival against the loud

Scrambling from the darkening crowd


So we tremble in our rooms all alone

Eyes focused on blood images of our own

As the sly sooty wind twists and turns

It fans fires across continents as each burns


Lights out, lockdown, you have no power

A prisoner trapped in the hand of each hour

The rumbling rolls into a cumulative groan

Groundswells of power claim the throne


With a quick mathematical calculation

The masses of the powerless have overtaken

The viral infection leaves little room for choice

Unless we elect to speak in a bystander’s voice…



Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a post I read on  random rants ruminations ramblings Please check  out Kunal Thakore to read about the Japanese word  kuebiko   

which helps describe the state many find themselves in with current complexities facing us in many parts of the world.Check out the post at this link:



soul ascending


We trust

Beyond our inhibitions

We believe

Surpassing our illusions

We cry

Regretting our helplessness

We dream

Dismissing our reality

We smile

Remembering our vulnerability

We laugh

Surprising our mystery

We pray

Acclaiming our spirituality

We love

Pursuing soul connections

We rise

Transcending our suffering

We fly

In true and perfect harmony