After they made love for the third time, he sobbed uncontrollably into her breasts. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stroked his hair.

The first time had been a voracious consummation, driven by years of suppressed feelings.

Remnants of the explosion were tossed, tussled and tangled everywhere. No words, just unapologetic moans and whimpers.

The second time was lingering and exploratory, touching and tingling every sensation as they nibbled those words left unspoken for so long.

Then, their fingers found each other again in veneration and gratitude for this second chance. They swallowed tears of past regret.

Completely spent.


Who was she looking at when the camera clicked? Her lips gently smiling, some buttons undone. What had happened in between that had turned her into the insecure woman she had become, nervously touching her hair to control invisible wisps.

That photograph spoke of dreams dissipated, passion evaporated and confidence eroded  when you looked now, at her threadbare apron, her worn shoes, her bitten nails.

The frown now a furrow on her brow and yet– if you peeped through the keyhole of her kitchen door, for a second, you’d catch a glimpse of a childlike anticipation in her fiery eyes.


Between rhythm and rhyme

wondering which it would be

words seemed to fail me

the notes sounded out of key


Then you walked into the room

arranged the lyrics to a tune

You blew me away– repeatedly,

endlessly, to heights not yet known


Words so cleverly coupled, selected,

slithered into slippery dark places

stirring memories and  dreams

painful heartbreaks of yesterday.


Caught up in an exotic dance

the music allured me once again

the beats, the strums, together

with words, they knew the drums


of my heart. They danced in  valleys,

on mountains, through the oceans

beneath the moon and with the sun–

lighting up life between night and day.



In pursuit of love I tried to run

from the ordinary,

the mundane,

the drab of life’s existence.


Dressed in my new clothes,

I saw love lurking in the shadows,

furtively blending into the dark.


He moved like a bandit,

crouched like a sly cat,

too elusive for me to catch.


Then the madness consumed me,

wanting so badly

for you to love me madly.

Beyond the world of reality,

in quest of the love of my dreams.


There were streets filled with people,

stridently stepping  like me.

Turning dark corners,

ducking through  alleyways,

sniffing for their opiate,

stealing others’ needles for their dreams.


When I woke up to the ordinary,

I cried into my pillow, disappointed

that this was just a bad dream.


So I took out a clean sheet of paper

and doodled throughout the day.

Maybe tomorrow and the day

after – I would finally find you,

simultaneously searching for me,


the one who is not complete and whole

until he finds the half of his soul.





new rain pic

Soaked by the rain

Of your tantalizing words

Floating in the air


Drenching wet kisses

On my lips, all over me

Your breath in each drop


Little did I know

The rain had become a flood

So strong the allure


Deceptive drizzle

Driven by tumescent winds

Pelting everywhere


The taste of new rain

Freshly fallen, final gush

A verse now complete


Until the next rain…



   the torrential rush–

   the merging of two rivers

   caught in collision,

   tumbling, falling,

  submerged and subsumed–

  then the stream faltered

  into a trickle,

  leaving only the salt

  of tears long dried out.


 the bouy bobs and drifts,

 still afloat

 in a small pond.

She catches a sob,

wiping the lonely tear

before it falls for him






couple kissing


Very suddenly

Beyond completely


I’ve fallen

So in love with you

Have you fallen too?



In quiet suspense

As your lips touch mine



Whether I can bear

A moment like this



In the swell and swirl

Moving in rhythm


Frenzied rush

As we climb and soar

Heights not known before



Erratic, in gasps

Bliss to feel like this


After just one kiss…