red rose

I whine and dine my aching parts

But none as painful as yours


I lament my young reminiscences

But you have raced ahead of me


I bemoan for a rose-colored love

But find yours broken in shards


I awake longing for more hours of sleep

But pain denies your rest all night long


I quibble and worry about life’s mistakes

But discover you’ve had more than your share


I chase eternal rainbows of happiness

But realize that you have never been there


So I thank my twinkling stars and rising sun

For filling my life with ordinary moments


These ordinary moments are your lighthouse

When you find yourself lost and tossed at sea


I cannot promise to fix your broken fragments

But let me share my light in your darkest night


And when you see stars falling before you

Know that someone far away has heard


It may not solve all your trials and tribulations

But it may bring comfort that you are not alone




drakensberg 2010 006

Worn soles and sweat dripping brows,

Days turned slowly as we counted the hours,

As a farm hand, muscles aching, skin sun-scorched,

Leaning heavily,eyes cast back on fields freshly torched.


Tomorrow will raise the twitterings of morning,

Familiar smells of tilled soil, baked bread – new dawning.

We’ll walk this road again feeling lighter, eyes set on  a new horizon

New hope stirring as we seed furrows in practiced liaison.


We’ll reflect on hills we’ve climbed, harvests we’ve seen

When the seasons changed and winter started wearing green.

We’ll remember the breaks and cherished moments of laughter,

The dancing village -from home brew, hung over, the morning after.


Life with its meandering rivers,whispering trees, a fluttering breeze:

Shifts ended, rousing our quest to follow our own pursuits as we please.

Our shoes now scuffed from walking miles of rocky roads and muddy trails,

These shoes also paced stalls, celebrating birth of foals between swishing tails.


I remember that life’s journey has offered so many pleasures,

Many rewarding memories,experiences and buried treasures.

Yes! time takes its toll and some recollections are best to forget,

But this moment, this time – I choose to celebrate that we met.


These shoes have taken us through beautiful fertile lands,

Walked us proudly up the staircase of life’s grand stands

And danced us in glory through the battle of many bands.

Finally,planting our feet firmly in the ever shifting sands.


Hello Friends

I’m back from my holidays and excited to join you all again though as some of you will have observed, I didn’t completely get off my Blog. I’m a proponent of seizing and relishing the moment so when I took photographs or enjoyed something beautiful or inspiring, I wanted to capture it in a poem before I lost the moment, thought or memory.

We’ve just returned from a road trip of 1400 kms which we had to break over two days. For my family, the road trip was part of the fun and the driving was easy since we have excellent national roads. I’m a great music lover of a variety of genre. My 14 year old daughter challenged me to put together a playlist that we could sing along to, having heard of her older sister’s experience of singing along to the Beatles’ No.1 hits. These days I listen to Smooth Jazz, good old classic soul and R&B. However, I remember fondly the old pop songs I listened to as a child and listening to them and singing along on the road, we had such fun. I was also reminded of how much poetry there is in music.

I’d like to introduce my songbook over time  (old and new) not necessarily just to listen to but also as possible discussion points.I’ll do three songbook posts today to test this with you.

Since, we’re still early in the new year, I thought I’d start with an old song by the the Byrds called Turn!Turn!Turn! This captured my attention because I am pondering what season this is for me this year where I’m up for a change in career. By way of example, I’m hoping that this year will be a “gathering of stones” and a “time for love” .  In reading through some of your Blogs, you each have different seasons. Read the lyrics or listen to the song and I’d love to hear your comment.

I hope 2016 is treating you kindly so far!



Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds (Lyrics)



cumulus clouds

Another storm is coming

The winds have howled all week

Warning of the blizzard

That must surely havoc wreak


It’s called a natural disaster

But I wonder if this is true

When I see the wretchedness

In your blazing eyes, tinged blue


And now the clouds have gathered

Warning alerts have sounded

It’s not just the inclement weather

But you that I’m concerned about too


I beg you, don’t lose control again

There’s just too damn much to lose

Think of your entire family

Resist the urge to call the thunder


Don’t let it be upon your head

That those who love you dearly

Should once again bear the agony

Please send the storm away.

Paternoster: West Coast

I remember this little old general farm store,

now with rampant bougainvillea and new red door.

It has been many years that have gone by

preceding its neatly laid paving and painted sky,

when it still carried old brands and signs.

for it’s pioneering character, my heart still pines.


I pause and ponder how life can be,

no longer seeing what I wanted to see.

Where a new year rings the changes,

a new owner comes in and rearranges.

While  a small wispy cloud passes over me,

a new door opens, and I now have a new key.


Still nostalgia’s blues constrict my throat

as memories flood from that same old boat,

with the sentimental feelings I hold dear

from many redefining winds through the year.

Well I remember, standing at the window,

many warm conversations held with you below.


Another cloud passes over and I feel at ease

Other new memories will soon replace these.

One day if we ever meet again and speak

I’ll still remember that very special week.

That spring we spent everyday together,

in blossoming, blushing bright weather.


As I turn to walk away, I wave a fond goodbye

with a single word of “thanks”, I look up at the sky.

As we wind down for the year,I’ve been reflecting on what my few months of blogging have been all about. I ended up doing more poetry posts than I thought I would do. Had lots of fun trying out different forms and techniques, dabbling in fantasy and fiction and sometimes reflecting some of my realties. Each time I’ve read someone else’s blog, I’ve taken something away to learn and to grow and if not simply to entertain, I hope I’ve touched others’ lives in some meaningful way. This year has had extreme highs and lows for me and blogging has been an integral part in my journey. As I take a break, I thought I’d share a few quotes that resonate with me as an aspirant poet and artist.

Happy holidays to all and thanks for your support. Chevvy.




























couple on mountain

Waltz me one more time to the edges,

A fleeting last glance of thrilling ledges

We climbed and soared, perilous peaks

Gliding freely through valleys and creeks.


Let’s bear our gifts at the alter one last time.

Message your love for me in holy rhyme.

Take my hand as we drink from the chalice,

As we reign supreme in the secret palace.


The signal sounds, it’ time to board my train.

Kiss me sweet since I might never see you again

Remember that in my heart there’s a space for you,

Treasuring days when my skies were brightest blue.


Two wayfarers passed as ships in the night,

Sharing their lessons of sheer lovers’ delight.

But as this waltz sways to its sonorous rapture,

Let spirits fly  pinnacles of a beaming future.



John Legend – So High



It is a place that I had never been

It is a beauty that I had never seen

It is a value that I had never measured

It is a love that I had never treasured


It was the lesson learnt from my teacher

It was to see the full depth of each feature

It was to go back and search from within

It was to start with loving my own skin


It will be with sadness that I must move on

It will be discerning between right and wrong

It will be time to check against my new reflection

It will be time to stop looking for perfection


It is a time for being strong in my transitions

It is  a year to make new binding decisions

It is an awakening from a dream to the real

It is a determining of exactly how I feel


Though the teaching methods were unusual

The student is filled with a sense of renewal

But sometimes the roles were reversed

When the teacher became the student first


The work of a teacher is never done

When one plus one equals one.


colour painting 1

Meeting you was a chance encounter

Accept that I don’t believe in chance

You emerged from shadows of timelessness

Mesmerizing; magnetizing me toward you

So that I didn’t think it strange when

You reached out and cupped my face

Gazed searchingly, intensely into my eyes

I said nothing, you knew because ours was

Not a world of voices. There was no hiding the

Divine madness that besieged me, the fever

That scorched me when our lips touched

You breathed your fiery vapor into me

And I unraveled, melted into your firm grip

Obsession possessed me,I was your conquest

Night and day turned into day and night

Sleep had deserted me but in my mental fog

I heard the muffled echo of the voice of reason

A distant spike of light pierced dense clouds

And I moved towards the fork in the road.

I chose the one less trampled and burned

Still remembering the lessons I’ve learned.