Truth held her tongue

Shuddering, timid and weak

Kneeling to power


For too long subdued

By weaponry of the state

Built on the Big lie


For too long crouching

Convinced she could not win

Against the mighty


For too long ruled

By bigotry and sly greed

She  lifted the stone


Now we have a sling

Giving voice to the voiceless

Through phone and fibre


Empires will fall

When crowds speak truth to power

By choosing their mark


The David within

Dormant for too long


Justice 2

Then she shall rise

from the ashes

of all those remains

where death came too soon,

from paupers and paralysis.

Courage, embalmed,



Bones of freedom

interred, today exhumed!

She stood mighty with

sword in hand, a promise

to the people

for a levelling of the land.


To the sun we turn in hope

that it shall rise anew,

when Justice will raise her sword

and deal impunity’s hand

against a flailing serpent,

scales balanced for evolution.


Since venom has poisoned

the waters and a raging fire

has consumed the air,

we look to the decree,

that with a pebble and sling,

new horizons to us shall bring.