Montreux 2012 205

Snow-capped mountains

And spring flowers trim the lake.

You are not alone


As you pay homage

To a love we’ve both kept warm,

Across time and space.


As you re-trace paths

We once walked together,

I am there with you.


Your joy is mine too

When your memory recalls

Great times we shared.


Just like the seasons

Straddle beneath the bright sun

Our souls do the same.


Spring transcends Winter

Each time I see you again.



red shoes

Nothing had changed. Yet a whole new vista of dreams rolled out that changed everything.

As he settled in his seat, tuning out the whirring of jet engines that would take him home, he glimpsed a red shoe.

He remembered how they had argued playfully over her buying those red shoes. It wasn’t about the shoes really.

She had only worn them once in all these years.

Rather, it was about her spontaneity and daring, her exquisite taste for a flavour filled life.

Everything that he loved about her!

Closing his eyes, he savoured the anticipation of seeing her again.


A practice in patience

standing in the shadows

you dawn on me

with a glowing smile

to wake up my heart


Clouds blotted you today

replaced with incessant rain

threatening stormy weather

refracted to my soul


Time’s lethargy

spreading contagiously

as hours creep on

while I wait for you this time


I ought to love the rain

filled with memories

of its gentle dance with me

synchronised with my storm


But I am back to longing again

to find the Sun waiting for me.


Who was she looking at when the camera clicked? Her lips gently smiling, some buttons undone. What had happened in between that had turned her into the insecure woman she had become, nervously touching her hair to control invisible wisps.

That photograph spoke of dreams dissipated, passion evaporated and confidence eroded  when you looked now, at her threadbare apron, her worn shoes, her bitten nails.

The frown now a furrow on her brow and yet– if you peeped through the keyhole of her kitchen door, for a second, you’d catch a glimpse of a childlike anticipation in her fiery eyes.



Walls so high to protect me

Even from myself


Deep in the basement

In cobwebs behind a door

Is the hiding place


Of secrets that are

Shrouded behind a dark veil

I dare not expose


Even to myself

Shielding me from destruction

If it is revealed


The fragile essence

Of guarded imperfections

You will never see


They are pounding now

On the doors to be released

To help set me free


I am not alone

I see it so clearly now

Your lock and your key


Let us take the steps

Find that hidden place of fear

Torment and sorrow


The war is over

Time has come to surrender

And break down the walls


Freed from the fortress



We’re almost three hours into 2017. For my friends still waiting for that countdown, here’s wishing you blue skies. If 2017 hasn’t dawned for you yet, you still have time to decide what you wish to leave behind, what no longer serves you from 2016 so that you may fully embrace 2017. Have a blast y’all 🎈🎉🎉💫🎈

“All Day Long (Blue Skies)”

Blue skies are lookin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies who I see
And there’s bluebirds singin’ a song
Nothin’ but bluebirds all day longPeople say I’m selfish
Yeah, they say I’m not the same
Yeah, they say your girl’s changed
Don’t ask me if I feel a thing

The ones who put the pennies down
Say we’re never stayin’ around
Busy at the bed we made
So what you think they’re gonna say?

People keep on talkin’, let them talk away
(Let them talk away)
Sometimes you gotta give up and let them say what they say
(Let them say what they say, what they say, what they say)

All I need is my God, nobody’s bigger than He
So I say, go ahead, it’s free publicity
(Go ahead, go ahead)

‘Cause I got
Blue skies are lookin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies who I see
And there’s bluebirds singin’ a song
Nothin’ but bluebirds all day long

Watch me as I close my ears
Hold this on the positive
Sittin’ in a first class lounge
Take me up above the clouds

See I and everything I have
All will pat me on the back
Watchin’ you, I keep around
‘Cause they’re the ones that keep me down

I was born on the out and this is why I go in
(This is why, this is why I work so hard)
I got too much to lose so I ain’t stressin’ one man)
(Ooh, I won’t, I won’t)

With the good comes the bad and then it turns to great
It’s so far at the back, this is a vengeance, love swayed
(As a vengeance, love swayed)

That’s why
Blue skies are lookin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies who I see
And there’s bluebirds singin’ a song
Nothin’ but bluebirds all day long


He wasn’t really happy. Then again, who is these days? Content perhaps, as long as no one disturbed his routine. He stubbed out his cigarette, returned inside to familiar smells, the silence of sleeping rooms – his tired memories… how he longed to put them to sleep.

But something happened today!