My Valentine Gift

The past few days have been a roller coaster of fun that I’ve enjoyed with my special blogger friends, T. Wayne  from A Joyful Process and Lady G  from seekthebestblog  spreading love and hoping that those who participated all had a great time along with us.

It’s not too late to check out each of our blogs to look for that special song that you might want to use for a special occasion with your loved ones. In addition we’re excited that other bloggers joined in and made the circle of love even bigger.

Today though, I want to pay special tribute to my daughter who is celebrating her 22nd birthday . I couldn’t have asked for a greater Valentine gift which gives us reason to share the love everyday. 1995, the year that she was born, was also the beginning of what we called our Born Free Generation. She was born a year after our first democratically elected  black President was sworn in – the famous,nobel prize winning giant most of you will know as President Nelson Mandela. Being born free meant that she has many freedoms which I didn’t enjoy while growing up. Liberties which we now take for granted like frequenting the same beaches, movies,living and marrying across colour lines and most importantly having a vote.

Archive Photos of Nelson Mandela
Our late President Mandela casting his first vote in 1994

So this tribute is an expression of my gratitude not only for my special Valentine gift but also to my baby being born free. Of course we are never totally free but I’m proud that she has not had to carry the baggage of our past but rather, contribute positively to the future. Since music is the food of life in our household, I will let the music speak. Her favourite song as a child was Bill Wither’s Lovely Day:

Of course she has a mind of her own and these are now her favourite songs:

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!

Clearly, her choice of music is different from mine, but we have this one in common:

A collaboration between our very own DJ Black Coffee and Alicia Keys

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Nelson `Mandela


Drawn by the big city lights

She traded her pumps for high heels


On weekdays she worked in a milliner’s factory

Over weekends she treaded the steps of a queen


Though named after an ordinary flower

Her extraordinary dreams gave her power


While life has not been a bed of roses

She walks in paths of their heady perfume


Though age makes her grow ever smaller

Her optimism always grows even taller


My heart brims with eternal gratitude

For her contagiously  positive attitude


For one who is so small in her stature

I see her image much larger than her life


She takes everything in her stride

And nurtures us with so much pride


With eighty years now completely behind her

She still remains fiercely strong and independent


Today God has blessed you with another day

You deserve so much more than I can say!


Happy Birthday to our dear Mother!






A room full of pearls

The wisdom of many years

A mountain of gifts


A snug cosy chair

With warm words cuddling the air

Comfort waiting there


My vision impaired

I stumbled and did not see

Love waiting for me


The sun streamed in

Lighting up a splendid display

Gratitude’s delight


Another step further

Into a dark sacred room

You welcomed me in


Then my tears flowed

When you opened your arms

And consoled me


Then I heard your voice:

Always go within

To figure it out


I am always here

Whenever you are in need

Just remember this–


I send you little miracles everyday!





Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there and all women who nurture love of others in one form or another!

This is a tribute to my own mother who passed on five years ago.

painting of flowers

You walked me through the morals of life,

In the eyes of storms, we were drenched in rain.

I understood too late, the depth of your pain,

How you wanted me– to surmount your strife.


It’s taken a lifetime to know who you were,

To realise I needed – a mother such as you.

In your weaknesses,you made me strong!

In your solid strength, you made me whole.

In your struggles, you taught me  courage.

In your simplicity,you taught me humility.


In your pride, I was the tears of your joy.

In your silence, I learnt how to be heard.

In words left unsaid, I learnt how to listen.

In your wait for tomorrow, I seized the day!


On this special day – for all our mothers

I hope you are smiling, fondly down on me,

As I finally see in you – a woman of substance.


Hoping that one day – this will be said of me too.





When I leaf through

the pages of my seasons,

I revel in Autumn’s shades,

the ambers and blush,

the yellow and gold

of bliss-filled abundance.


The fragrance of life,

undertones of florals and spice,

intoxicate me into a daze

of bewildering vistas,

of places I have been

and people I have seen.


This moment I have paused

to take stock of it all

and remind myself to

be grateful. Not for

stocks and bonds : for

those I have none –


It’s in the talents I’ve been given

to turn brown leaves to gold

and stack wood for the cold,

that abundance has found me.

Hard days and nights I’ve travelled

from where I once began.


Now as cold winds blow,

fire crackles in merriment,

cheered by warm hearts

upon whose rungs I have stood.

I see the greatest gift of all

in those surrounding me.


Autumn leaves roll out new seasons.






stripped in tatters

of gruelling torment.


I found your foetal form

and I wept.

Oh Lord, how I wept!


For you

and for me,

feeling your pain,

connected to my own,

felt deep within.


A reflection

of such magnitude

and I a mere morsel.

Still, you smiled…


Then I knew

that I was the fragile one-

Not you!




It is a place that I had never been

It is a beauty that I had never seen

It is a value that I had never measured

It is a love that I had never treasured


It was the lesson learnt from my teacher

It was to see the full depth of each feature

It was to go back and search from within

It was to start with loving my own skin


It will be with sadness that I must move on

It will be discerning between right and wrong

It will be time to check against my new reflection

It will be time to stop looking for perfection


It is a time for being strong in my transitions

It is  a year to make new binding decisions

It is an awakening from a dream to the real

It is a determining of exactly how I feel


Though the teaching methods were unusual

The student is filled with a sense of renewal

But sometimes the roles were reversed

When the teacher became the student first


The work of a teacher is never done

When one plus one equals one.



In a night of celebration

I accept this award gratefully,

a testament to years

of hard toil,

emotional turmoil,

but many lives touched

a movement begun

that I hope will linger on.

In accepting this award

I think of all those

who’ve lent a full hand

and even those just

drifting by.

All with an act

or a kind word

have raised me up.

In days to come, I’ll

change hats but let

the legacy remain in

those  whose lives

I have touched.

Pass the baton on.

But most of all

I recognize the divine force

who raised me up

when I had fallen

and like Moses,

I doubted, but I too

saw the burning bush

and my staff was always

at my side,

a reminder of

Life’s great purpose meant to serve.