A stone on my back,

Heaves from a sinking ship,

A moving cloudburst,


Undulating tides,

Have all had their way with me.

Vanquished – I lie


Waiting for the dawn

Of a sun-breezy day,

Silver-lined oaths


To free my bondage

And cover my nakedness,

Shield my dignity.


Time to lift the curse

To clear the smog in the air

That blinded us all.


Time has come for us

To rinse away the rancour

Of a captured state!



The other day I wandered into a local bookstore and was probably one of three customers in the store. Admittedly, it was during the day but that begged the question of how viable bookstores are these days.  Just like music stores, our bookstores are shrinking as a consequence of electronic media and every other competition for our attention. Many bloggers are aspiring writers. Do you hope to see your book on a shelf some day?


As I paused at various book collections, I recalled how good it felt as a child, to lose myself in a library surrounded by the musty smell of well read books. I remembered the excitement of walking home with a stash of mysteries and love stories waiting to unfold as I curled up to read them in my favourite space.

In later years, it was the crisp smell and colourful covers of new books that caught my attention. I was also always fascinated by how the right book leapt out at me when I needed to find solutions to a problem. So it was a pleasant excursion for me to wonder through the aisles and allow myself to get caught up in the nostalgia of the great classics and some of my modern favourite authors.thumb_IMG_5957_1024

Yes, I did buy some books and yes I am loathe to part with my book collection, but I have made the switch to audiobooks and I read off my kindle much more than I read hard copies. I have bought into instant gratification and the convenience of buying a book with just a click of a button and having the choice of a multitude of books in one place.

Though I’ve tried to inculcate a reading culture in my family, the competition is tough with “Just google it” Is there still place for books on the shelf or will there come a day where bookstores will be no more? I’d love to know your views and experiences of what I perceive to be a losing battle to keep books on the shelf.thumb_IMG_5959_1024