Sunday coming down

As Sunday comes down, I send Mother’s day greetings to all mothers including those who fullfill their nurturing role in other ways. While our temperature is rapidly falling, let the love temperature rise in your hearts. Here’s wishing you an awesome week and hope you’ll enjoy my selection of musicians from the R&B and Smooth Jazz genre whose names begin with “R” You are welcome to add to the list. Have a blast ! 🌹🎈🎈✨🎈💫💫


13 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. A great variety of styles and artists here! Love how Rachelle’s Waiting keeps us waiting (2½ minutes!) for her to begin singing. Some amazing facial and voice gymnastics as well. The overlaps and harmony of the duet in Reflections of My Heart worked well with the lyrics… “like a doorway to me, inside of you,” what a great line! In Timeless, it is as if the sax is sashaying, unhurried, inside a daydream. Roberta Flack’s voice is classic. Interesting that she is singing about the first time ever she saw his face, but she plays and sings with her eyes closed, as if she is engaging with that moment in her mind. The simple bass line and understated horns really let the sax shine in Raw Silk’s Me and Mrs Jones. No Regrets playful, skipping beat made it difficult to decide if the song was made for slow or fast dancing. Regina Bell gets my vote for Jazz Club Siren. Her dreamy voice is an auditory come-on beckoning us back to bed on a lazy afternoon. The last of my stress melted away to Rick Braun’s trio of saxophones. Me, oh, my! The Real Thing oozes charisma and seems to know it. Loved the call-and-answer audience participation, all of these older folks getting in on the action! R Kelly felt very personal with that gorgeous a capella opening and muted instrumentals that allowed his soft, relaxed voice to work its magic on us. Thanks, Chevvy, for another winning Sunday set! 🙂

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    1. My,My – you really are darn good. What a pleasure it is to read your reviews each week. I have over 11 000 songs on my Ipod so I could keep you busy for life ha!ha!ha! Yes Rachelle does take her time in the live versions and I find her facial gymnastics very amusing but her lyrics and delivery are profound. I actually hadn’t listened to Roberta Flack for a while. I agree that it is a song trying to connect at another level. I just couldn’t leave “The Real thing out” – great warm and fuzzy song and good for chair dancing. Regina – I’m right with you there. That is one of my top three favourites from her. What can I say? – The letter “S” has another wide array. I look forward to catching up again next week and check your mail 🌹

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  2. Back for Sunday Coming Down after a week away….and I’ve got a few to add:

    The Rascals, “A Beautiful Morning”:

    Rene And Angela, “My First Love”

    The Rippingtons (with Phil Perry), “Principles Of Desire”

    Rockie Robbins, “You And Me”

    Rose Royce, “Wishing On A Star”

    Those are my choices…and I love your picks, Chevvy! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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    1. Your collection has some lovely R’s as well, T Wayne! Loved the wind-chime opening and the horns in A Beautiful Morning, but found the drummer especially amazing. The sweet violins and relaxed syncopation of My First Love drew me in. Principles of Desire had an ethereal vibe, the sax sang the lead while the voices provided back-up. You and Me was a lively poppin, pluckin tune to get you and your girl twirling and dipping to Rockie’s silky smooth voice. In Wishing on a Star, Rose’s breathtaking high notes gave way to an unexpected powerhouse of sound, reminded me of staring up at a dark sky on a summer night and seeing a star wink at me. Great additions, thanks for sharing!

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      1. Well,I hope Tracy sees this Joan. It always amazes me how closely and expertly you appreciate the music. This is a gift right back to music lovers like us. I love your comments and it gives me a better appreciation of the music!

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      2. Thank you, Joan. I always love how you describe Chevvy’s picks, and I am honored that you have done the same with mine on this week’s Sunday Coming Down. They help me appreciate the songs in new and different ways. Thank you for sharing your impressions with us!

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  3. You are most welcome back Tracy. My First love, Principles of Desire and Rose Royce’s “Wishing on a Star” are all great additions. I look forward to listening to the others. Have a great week too!

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