Sunday coming down

Dear Friends

Hope you are all having a great Sunday and when your sun comes down, hope you will join me in winding down the weekend and easing into a blissful week ahead. I’m looking at the sun coming down on beautiful Autumn shades and cooling temperatures after a wonderful sunny day. Today’s line up of songs come from musicians whose names begin with  “Q”. I couldn’t find too many of those in the R&B and smooth genre so I’ve added a few more songs from the same artists. First up is the sassy and voluptuous Queen Latifah, otherwise known as Dana Elaine Owens. I found some gems that I thought fitted in very well for that Sundowner – whatever your flavour. Then there is no leaving out the great Quincy Jones whose name as producer and songwriter is attached to so many great artists, including many big hits with the late great Michael Jackson. Featured here are a number of well musicians who have performed with Quincy Jones. Finally, meet Quintin Gerard W. and Enjoy!!! 💫💫💫🎈🎈✨❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨🎈


4 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. I wondered what “Q” would hold… I expected I’d see Quincy Jones here, but who else? Queen Latifah, quite a fancy moniker for someone whose real name is so common! A natural performer, expressive face, her voice powerful at any decibel. The toughest vocals do not rattle her. The tinkling, sweeping piano is common to all three pieces. I loved the end of the first one, where the girl in the video is singing along in her undies with her glass of wine—something we all do now and then, maybe? The mix of images in the second was riveting, one moving into the next brought the word “reinvention” to mind. The third breathed new life into an old classic–trumpet, trombone, and glints of light flashing off those swinging earrings! Quincy did not disappoint. The bass skips around through the gauzy, mystical world of the Secret Garden. I’m a sucker for a LOW voice and this guy was positively doing the limbo with that husky, sexy alto. In You Put a Move on My Heart, Tamia oozes with sex appeal, her voice ranging from breathy to siren. Everything Must Change was a Trifecta of Favorites—Quincy, Chaka Khan, and Red. Thick piano bass with synth (?) that mimics an Aztec flute. Trombones, which I love because their slides sound like no other horn can. A winner, topped with the harmonious interplay of Red’s laid back warmth and Chaka’s animated power. Quintin had me Hip’ notized, alright! The way he handles that sax, moving around like he’s so full of music, it is bending him in half and coming right out of his feet. I wanted to dive in and get lost in that last one, amid heavenly sax and harp-like piano, but I kept getting pulled back into the present by that little ding, something that sounds like the bell that signals the end of our “rest” in yoga class. Namaste, Chevvy, and thanks for sharing another wonderful and varied Sunday Coming down. 🙂

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  2. Always at your service Joan – you just have the most appreciative ear for this kind of music which I imagine being played in a cigar smoke- filled Jazz room. It’s a gift to pick up on every sound and decibel and then translate what you hear with such eloquence and finesse.
    Yeah, I’m a sucker for the baritone as well – Barry White knew how!
    Oh my task for next week is very tough since I have many ‘R”s on my list.
    Namaste to you too Joan!😊


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