Sunday coming down

Hello Friends

I hope you are having a fantastic day wherever you are. As for me, the Winter chill is starting to set in and as always, I think listening to some good music helps to keep the blues away. Today, I’ve selected some of my favorite artists whose names begin with the letter “P”  Since I had quite a few Ps on my list, I’ve had to make a few sacrifices which gives you space to play along with me and add your favorite R&B or Smooth Jazz to the list. When the sun comes down for you, here’s wishing you a relaxing evening and a fine week ahead! You are welcome to get up and dance to the groove at the end by Paul Taylor. Enjoy it Y’all!! 💫💫✨✨❤️❤️❤️❤️ ✨✨💫💫


11 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. Amazing variety here, Chevvy, like a box of assorted chocolates! This was similar to the arrangement of It Might Be You that I know, but Phil Perry knows how to slow it waaay down, and I love his expressive face! Phyllis Hyman’s voice is a power house, bending around dusk in a forest, as the sounds of night creatures pipe up in every direction. I’m picturing glass shattering as Patti LaBelle holds those high notes seemingly forever. Loved the invitations for audience participation in Who’s That Lady. The sax was almost an extension of his body, and the guitar-sax “conversations” held me spellbound. Patti Austin is both dark and triumphant, like what an old couple would dance to, looking in each other’s eyes, after a long life of ups and downs. Pete Belasco felt like I was underwater, hearing echoes of blumping drums and tinkling wind chimes. Paul Hardcastle was a ride in hot air balloon, carried by the sax from one gorgeous vista to the next, the world growing ever smaller. From the sound, I would have sworn Paul Taylor was playing the sax! But I guess an oboe can do a good imitation? Lively drums, booming bass, and Paul’s fingers flying over his instrument kept me swaying in my seat. Thanks for sharing, and have a great Sunday! 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah! Phil Perry makes love to that song. By itself, it’s an assortment of chocolates in that thing he does with his voice and the medley and marriage of instruments. I have to say that I was spoilt for choice since there were so many great songs to choose from. But my rule of thumb is to choose the best live versions I can find because the idea is to feel like you’re in the room with these artists.
      Phyllis: she’ll always have a place in my heart. Though she is long gone, she’s not forgotten.
      Hahaha! I can’t agree more on the guitar and sax conversation in the Peter White song. I just think he is one of those guitarists who does sexy with the guitar – isn’t it great when he goes into “Papa was a rollin stone”? I must play one or two other favourites of mine by Peter White.
      Oh and Pete Belasco is made for good lovin’ Yeah, he can have the lights on!

      Paul Taylor is definitely a Saxophonist but I just loved the vibe of this song which is dancing on the table kind of music 😀
      Joan, I look forward to this so much every week. This tête-à-tête is like the guitar and sax doing their thing up there. I love it!!🌹🌹

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  2. Well…I finally got around to your Sunday Coming Down, though it’s early Monday morning here and well into Monday where you are. Loved Joan’s descriptions as always. I want to add my picks before I shuffle off to get some rest:

    Philippe Saisse, “Masques”:

    Paul Brown, “Ol Skoolin'”:

    The Persuaders, “Peace In The Valley Of Love”:

    Peaches & Herb, “I Pledge My Love”:

    Paul Jackson, Jr., “Walkin'”

    And finally, for something a bit different: The Phat Cat Players featuring CoCo Brown, “Sundress”:

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    1. I’m glad you made it Tracy! It’s a great Worker’s day here for sleeping late so I have time to listen to your contribution to the Ps. Looking forward to checking out your Quiet Storm as well. Sweet dreams!


    2. Well, you do know that I add these songs to my playlist. I’ve got a special list called Jazz for the Road for some of these. And as for The Phat Cat Players and Coco Brown- they can play for me anytime – kinda male version of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal woman. What can I say – the Sundress? I loved it!😀


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