Sunday coming down

Hello Y’all – it is a very dark Autumn night here in the South and we can feel the Winter breeze creeping in at night. So the music I’ve selected today will be great accompaniment for a tall mug of hot chocolate. Of course, some of you will listen to this later and drink whatever you like. I’m looking at R&B and Smooth Jazz artists whose names begin with the letter “O” today.  I clearly have a preference for Oleta Adams and the Ojays and just couldn’t resist bringing in some Otis as well. Please click on the You Tube link if you can’t access any of the songs. I’ve had fun selecting them and hope you’ll enjoy listening. As always, the intention is to calm you down if you’ve had a hectic weekend and get your head straight for the week ahead. Lord knows we need to cool our temperatures these days. Make the best of it Y’all!❤️❤️❤️

Oleta Adams: Get here (live)

Oleta Adams: New York State of Mind

Tears For Fears – Woman in Chains (ft Oleta Adams live)

The Ojays – How time Flies(Soul Train)

Otis Redding: I’ve been loving you

Osteyn Sevag – Norwegian M


21 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. Three cheers for the O’s! Oleta’s voice is so versatile, She can go from zero to 60–silky smooth to a roar–in no time flat. Get Here was deep and rich, like the hot chocolate you spoke of, dark cocoa with coffee undertones. New York State of Mind had amazing bass. It was both peppy and leisurely, like a woman on a bus watching the scenery go by, but barely able to contain her excitement about traveling to the big city. It was very different from Billy Joel’s more somber version. Woman in Chains had an ethereal feel, like Indian spirit music. The male lead was tight where Oleta was loose, reserved where she was very open and animated—an excellent interplay of voices and styles. The O’Jay’s suits were so very 70’s Earth, Wind, and Fire. One guy seems to do back-up vocals only? One lead singer is very smooth and charismatic, the kind who would ride a merry-go-round with you and look into your eyes the whole time. The other lead had a completely different style… he would usher you onto a rollercoaster and scream the whole way. In Use to Be My Girl, they’re doo-wop daddies spinning to a lively beat. In How Time Flies, they slow it to the speed of sitting on a porch swing after dark, hand in hand, watching fireflies or stars. I also enjoyed their “chair dancing” on the stools. I’ve Been Loving You was a colorful, crazy quilt of twangy guitar, heavy bass triplets, and abrupt changes of chord… I was never quite sure where it was going, but that’s OK, because Otis was! Oysten Sevag’s saxophone seemed to mimic the sounds of nature, like a cold snap in the air and birds calling. It was poignant, bordering on sad, like knowing that winter is coming and trying to hold onto the last fleeting days of autumn. I loved the Aurora Borealis on the video (the purple-green sky)—something I’d like to see for myself one day. Another successful Sunday Coming Down, Chev! 🙂

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    1. And yet again, I am bowled over by your superb reviews. What a keen ear you have for all the intricacies of the music. The Os offered me less to work with so it was great to give more airtime to the musicians. What is amazing about Oleta is that she is a little lady with powerhouse voice. I love Tears for Fears, so it was great to see the lead singer competing on the high notes with Oleta. Yes, I think it’s the Northern lights you are referring to – that’s something cool to have on one’s bucket list.An awesome review as usual!!😀

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  2. Well…it’s another Sunday coming down! Time to add a few songs:

    Oli Silk, “Tokyo”:

    O’Bryan, “Man Overboard”:

    Omar, “There’s Nothing Like This”:

    One Way, “Something In The Past”:

    Love the O’Jays and Otis of course…and Oleta Adams has a great voice!

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  3. You and my Twin picked some real good ones! But I am going to drop a lil sumthin from the 2000’s here:
    From my home state of Georgia, I give you Outkast:

    The lyrics get crazy at the end but the music and the sentiment are awesome.
    I was pregnant with Lady J when this jam by Omarrion was out:


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