Sunday coming down

What a turbulent week it has been for me!!! All the more reason to take a respite and escape into some great music before getting up to face whatever your daily grind is.

So as the sun comes down for you wherever you are, here’s wishing you a peaceful week ahead. Today’s selection includes a number of songs that are very special to me. These have been chosen from my collection of musicians whose names begin with “M”. There are just too many great musicians that I had to leave out. So you are welcome to add to my list in the comments section. I’m praying for peace y’all. See you again next week!❤️❤️


13 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. First, a wish for a peaceful week for you also, Chevvy.

    Second, so many “M” artists to pick from. I’ve got a few to add to your sumptuous playlist:

    Marvin Gaye: “‘Til Tomorrow”

    Meli’sa Morgan: “Do You Still Love Me?”

    Marion Meadows: “Suede”

    Michael Cooper: “Shoop Shoop” (Never Stop Givin’ You Love)”

    The Main Ingredient: “You’ve Been My Inspiration”

    MFSB: “South Philly”

    One more from MFSB, “My Mood”

    Loving your choices for “M” today. Enjoy, and hope your Sunday has been a good one.

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    1. I’m actually listening to your Smooth Jazz list as I’m responding. Thank you so much for looking out for me. I have had to take time out but didn’t want to miss my Sunday post. “Sumptuous”- what a delicious word. Yes there are many Ms so I’m glad you’ve added to the list which I’ll look forward to listening to. Thank you Tracy. See you on the other side and all the best for your week too.😀


  2. Superstar is like an unhurried walk through the woods, listening to the birds and trees. Love Story must be a favorite of yours–mine, too. Miles can stay up all night long and write me a sweet love song anytime! Maysa’s voice is a pink satin ribbon undulating on a spring breeze, I found myself snapping my fingers to the beat. The bass triplets in Marcus’s Think About Me were like popcorn popping and real butter melting all over it. Maze was smooth and impressive, like a latte when it’s just the right temperature and the barrista decorates the top with a foamy heart. Imagination was full of dissonant mystery… Miki baits us with the horns, then bends her voice and reels us into her world. Mozez was totally different from the others, it had an outer-spacey feel, earth atremble with bass, starry piano, breathy horns. Madeleine was a revival of a bygone era, touch of French or gypsy maybe? Perfect for a 1940’s soft shoe. Mica’s range and wailing syncopation are a rollercoaster ride—she totally owned the show, her voice reigning over the instruments. Melba is so conversational, like getting a pep talk from a close friend. Michael Buble’s voice literally oozes with charm and sex appeal; the hint of accent and his tendency to improvise just make a good thing even better. Excellent choices, all, Chevvy. Thanks for the pleasure of another Sunday Coming Down. Have an awesome week. 🙂

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    1. Well I have to give it to you, you are a one of a kind! I just love, love the poetry you make of your musical reviews. Don’t know if you know that old song by Captain and Tennille: the song goes: “do that to me one more time, once is never enough with a man like you” – well listening to Miles makes me want to sing that song 😀 As I said, some of these songs have special meaning for me. Venusrise by Mozez is a bit different in genre but its one of those songs that tugs at my heart and is so haunting in its lyrics and delivery. Summertime – a song that will play in my head for the whole day – Mica’s version is one of them. Thank you Joan, have a wonderful week yourself. I’ll be touch during the week. 🌹

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  3. I haven’t thought of Ms. Melba Moore in a long time. Thanks for bringing her back. I do enjoy Michael Buble as well. Most of the other artists are new to me so much like T. Wayne’s Quiet Storm, I will grab a cup of coffee and listen to some more tunes while I work. Thanks, Chevvy! I hope this week is better!

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    1. Thanks for the contributions Lady G. I can hear why M.F.S.B. gives you life hahaha! Nice visuals too. Oh! I’m with you on Main Ingredient – I have a stash of their music. Another great soulful group!

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