In good standing

Mapungubwe 036_1024

Anchor me firmly

in your arms, protect me from winds–

save those that lift me


16 thoughts on “In good standing

    1. Thank you Kunal, I suppose I was moving from the premise that if we are grounded like that tree, we have greater resilience to ward off the complexities we face in the world we live in and rise above it all to a higher place. But it is indeed a prayer for myself and all who need it. Enjoy your day too !

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  1. I’m ashamed to say, that after all those years ago reading Alex Haley’s Roots, I had never seen a baobab tree until your picture and your comment that told what kind of tree it was. Thank you for that, and the words of your poem as well.

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    1. Yes, I thought I should name it since it is a unique tree. Very glad that you got something out of the post. Sorry, I haven’t been around much – we’ve just had a very dramatic week and most likely some trying times ahead.

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