R&B Legends “Live” Concert

The Stylistics “live” in Johannesburg

If you came of age in the 80s, chances are, you were making out to the sounds of Old School music like the Stylistics and the Whispers. Together with the guest appearance of Lenny Williams ( Remember him – he was once the lead singer of Tower for Power), these gentlemen wooed us in Johannesburg yesterday. It is amazing that the Stylistics  have been going strong for 49 years and the Whispers for 53 years. The Stylistics  still include the original  Russell Thompkins. Jr , Herb Murrell and Airrion Love. Russell still hits those high notes and makes the ladies weak at the knees. With the passing of Nick Caldwell, the remaining members of the group comprise of Leaveil Degree and twins, Walter and Scotty Scott whose voices are very the recognisable voices on all their songs.(The twins are 74 years old but still sounding as good as ever)

stylistics 2

Dressed in white suits and blue ties, these Crooners still move in graceful, choreographed style and got the party started with this old number to remind those in the house about their high school days if they were growing up in the 70s. I still have my Stylistics LPs so I am a serious fan. They haven’t been to our part of the world for 30 years so I was so excited to catch them on what might be their last tour here. What a touch of Nostalgia they brought with them!

They sang many of our favourite songs but the one that got me feeling emotional was this great song: ” Let’s put it all together”.

And then, as a crows, we screamed and huddled for these two firm favourites:

Ah! then came the Whispers with some of their funky sounds like “Rock Steady” and “It’s a love thing”,to get the crowd warmed up. Then, they took it down to these great love ballads below and concluded the party with: ” And the beat goes on”

The Whispers “live”in Johannesburg


Special guest Lenny Williams, sang this naughty little song  to entertain us.

Of course this one: “Cause I love you” was one we know and love so well – a great sing-along-song. I guess we gotta value our crooners while they’re still around!!

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening and watching y’all❤️❤️❤️


10 thoughts on “R&B Legends “Live” Concert

    1. Oh it was indeed and it helped that the audience were mostly from the same generation and could sing along and go wild over their favorites. I was just so amazed that they have been around for so long. The Stylistics were just as cool and swag as ever. Well – I couldn’t tell Walter and Wallace apart but their voices are distinctive. Lenny Williams (was he a bit of a one hit wonder?) was very entertaining as a performer and is still looking good!

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      1. Don’t feel bad about the Scott twins-I’ve never been able to tell them apart. I’ve always assumed that Wallace aka “Scotty” sang most of the leads, but often when I’ve seen them, both of them are singing. Who knows?

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    1. Oh yes, we would have had great fun. There’s just something about being able to sing along. Oh those guys (whispers) still sing with their very recognisable voices. I’d say Scotty is the one who turns the ladies on. Small guys with powerhouse voices and lots of sex appeal!😀

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