Human Rights Day

Today is a public holiday here in the SA, commemorating what was once referred to as Sharpeville day when 69 Black South Africans were massacred  during a protest action against racist  and discriminatory “pass laws” which restricted the freedom of movement of Black people in our country. This was but one of the evils of Apartheid we faced.

More recently the 21 March is now referred to as Human Rights day where we each in our own way need to reflect on what advances we have made in advocating human rights. While many human rights violations have in most part been premised on race, we know that they span discrimination and abuse across all kinds of issues such as gender, religion, nationality,class , access to resources, to name few. In our own country and across the world, we still see a proliferation of human rights abuse.

We tend to believe that by casting or not casting our vote, we have done our bit. Question is – is this enough?   This post includes some music for us to reflect upon and the concluding song brings it back to us – what is the difference we can each make when we look in the mirror? You are welcome to add your song that advocates the love and peace you would like to see in the world today.


12 thoughts on “Human Rights Day

  1. Here in USA, March 21 (sometimes 20th) is the first day of spring, also called the vernal equinox. A day of renewal and celebration. Also the day when hours of darkness and light are equal. Whichever way I look at it, it seems an appropriate day to dedicate to furthering human rights. All great songs about where and how to start the process! 🙂 Legislation is good, but only one piece of the puzzle. Real change begins in our hearts. And our actions, however small. Great post, Chev!

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  2. March 21st in our parts is celebrated as Navroze (primarily by the Zoroastrian community) or ‘new dawn,’ the advent of spring. And so may it be for your little corner and all over, for all mankind.
    Thanks for telling us of the significance of the date in SA

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