Sunday coming down

Well, I hope you are all having a great Sunday and if it’s not Sunday coming down for you yet, you can save listening to this Sunday’s selection later. As you start easing out of the weekend and preparing for the week ahead, join me in chilling with my selection of  R&B or Smooth Jazz musicians whose names begin with “J” I have lots of musicians in this category so I thought I’d save space for you to add some of your favourites in the comments. Enjoy y’all and have a BLAST!!! 💥💥🎉🎉🎈🎈✨✨✨🎉🎉❤️❤️💥💥

Joe Sample and Randy Crawford doing Street life at the North Sea Jazz Festival in South Africa


11 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. Very nice choices, Chevvy… Love the J’s (Just Joan would like J’s, wouldn’t she?) James Ingram’s voice rides that deep bassline like waves lapping, washing, and crashing over you. Jill Scott’s voice is part smoky Jazz Club, part Gospel, keeping pace with those discordant and mysterious notes. Love the video on Jazzmasters, all chocolates and roses and old movies… The instruments seem to grab the glory, leaving the singers to provide back up. Jeffrey Osborne? What a smile on that guy! And a voice like rich, dark chocolate. Joe Sample is perfectly paired with Randy Crawford. He puts his whole body into his piano playing, his fingers come down on those keys with such confidence, every note crisp and precise. Jean Carne is a sexy voice light enough to float on the trails of smoke left behind by the sax. The drum sequences are great too, steady beats growing louder, louder, louder, then a crisp STOP and pause. John Stoddard owns that clapping, popping Island beat. It feels like a serenade at the window, the stereo effect akin to secrets being whispered in your ear. Thanks for sharing yet another great set of music for Sunday Coming Down. 🙂

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    1. I swear you make my day with your music reviews that makes it worth it. It is getting harder to select since I had many Js to choose from. I’ve come to enjoy the “live “performances where I can. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a good live version of James Ingram – I love his music and he was a real cutie pie in his younger days. Jill’s my GIRL. I couldn’t agree more about the Jazzmasters’ Video. That’s my encyclopedia for ROMANCE – absolutely gorgeous. I hope to play Jazzmasters again under “P” where they play with Paul Hardcastle. You are spot on the money with the others. Thank you so much Joan! 🌹

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  2. Well…my Sunday is just about over, and your Monday is probably getting into full swing, but I had to add a few songs to your great list:

    Jermaine Jackson: “Words Into Action”

    Jade: “Looking For Mr. Do Right”

    Jesse Powell: “You”

    The Jones Girls: “Who Can I Run To”

    Jackiem Joyner: “Europa”

    Juicy: “Sugar Free”

    A little all over the map, but I think they all work. Have a great day!

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    1. See, I saved some space for you.😀 It looks like an interesting list. You know many smooth Jazz Jeffs there are. I thought I’d leave them all to you.😀 Well it’s probably sweet dreams to you now!

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      1. Thank you for saving space for me. Yes, I know a few Jeffs, but I didn’t think of a one when I made that list! Now of course, I think of Jeff Lorber, for one.

        Yes, it will be sweet dreams for me shortly. Just finishing up a couple things, and then it’s off to dreamland. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon, Chevvy. Hope you enjoy the tunes!

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        1. Fancy – you’re still awake! Yes, I had Jeff Lorber, Jeff Kashiwa and Jeff Golub on my list – good for your (our) Smooth Jazz list. You should watch that Jeffrey Osborne Video to the end if you haven’t – the fun he has with the saxophonist is just awesome!. Anyway, bye, by to lala land for you and thanks for dropping by. 😊

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    2. Yes, they all do work. I’ve listened to all and it’s a”Quiet Storm” you’re brewing here. I’ll have to create a space for them on my IPOD. I loved all of them. My favorites would be Jesse Powell and Jakiem Joyner. The Jones Girl one reminds me of another favorite: Shirley Jones’ – “Do you get enough love?”
      Thank you Tracy.

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        1. No problem of space, I can assure you – I’ve only used half so about another 80 GB. I welcome your contributions – it introduces me to songs I might not have heard and as I said, continues the Quiet storm we enjoy!


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