The glow of love


Beneath the layers

the source of my rosy blush

is my love for you


14 thoughts on “The glow of love

    1. I’m doing a bit of a creative journey so combining my poetry and my photography is part of it. Funny, as soon as I posted it , I thought of that song by Change – you’ll know the one. Yeah, I’m enjoying the HAIKU too 😀

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        1. What can I say? nature is a wonderful source of inspiration: gush, flush, lush,rush- that’s what happens to a sun-kissed rose. Thank you for the good wishes and the same goes to you.😀

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    1. Definitely, Kamal – I am amazed all the time how the sun and flowers court each other and the amazing shifts in colour that happen through the course of a day. We’re getting into Autumn so I’m glad to still have such blooms in my garden. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend! 😀

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