Sunday coming down

Special greetings to all of you on this Sunday coming down. Remember to wait for your sunset if you’d like to enjoy this with your last glass of wine or whatever your pleasure is, as your weekend draws to a close and you prepare for the week ahead. Today’s songs are all selected from my collection of musicians whose names begin with “H” I  fell in love with Herbie Hancock’s music one day while browsing through a small CD store and together with other customers, was mesmerised listening to the speakers overhead,alluring us with the sounds of Herbie Hancock playing RIVER from the Joni Mitchell Letters. Be sure to also listen to Houston Person’s “If it’s the last thing I do” – I’m dedicating that song to Joan from Just Joan  for that Jazz club evening we always talk about. Have yourselves a fine weekend y’all!!🎉💫❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨💥

As  Bonus tracks, I’ve thrown in our very own veteran musician, Bra Hugh Masekela. Feel the rhythm and the beat of South Africa from this talented  and renowned trumpeter who is now 77 years old, playing  GRAZING IN THE GRASS in Santa Cruz (Listen to those drums and watch Bra Hugh’s moves at the end) and, THE MARKETPLACE in Berlin- having oh so much fun!!!


12 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. Inspired choices, Chevvy! You may have taken all the “H” artists that I could think of!

    So, I’ll cheat a little with Herbie:

    I’ll add some Heather Headley:

    And some Heatwave:

    Finally…a little more “cheating” with (Daryl) Hall & (John) Oates:

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  2. Thanks for these great additions Tracy. I actually had Heather and Heatwave on my list. So glad we are in sync.
    Here are three more that I was looking at:


  3. Howard Hewitt is quite the personality, leather pants, that voice full of unhurried syncopation… bet you wish you were that lady up front! Herbie Hancock’s fingers are at home on that piano, right through the final triumphant note. Joni Mitchell’s feather soft voice complements the piano without overpowering it. Oboe solo was cool too, you don’t hear those often in this type of music. The Herbie Hancock/Tina Turner piece has a rough dissonance (oblique chords?) but it quickly grew on me. The trilling sax joins in like it’s hitching a ride on the piano keys. Houston Person was a winner, that sax wooing us as if it’s down on its knees and proposing–please, please… (afterward, I noticed it’s called “If it’s the last thing I do”–very fitting!) Your local guy Hugh Masekela is multi-talented, an amazing trumpeter, but also a talented percussionist and singer. I could picture myself in the crowd drinking something out of a hollowed out pineapple. Your H’s get an A+. 🙂

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    1. I am extremely flattered by your rating Joan. Not sure that I can keep that up😀 I try as far as possible to work with what I have and then look for a good “live” version – to create the feel of being at a live show.
      I do go back and listen again based on your comments which indicate such an ear for what’s good in the music. Like you though, the Tina Turner song sounded a bit discordant, I think Turner’s style of highlighting the plight of women in the red light district is fitting in its almost casual delivery.
      I’m glad that you enjoyed Houston Person. He belongs in “Jazz after dark” playlist.

      I loved Hugh Masekela’s performances and impressed what he is able to do at his age. As for the drink – you can order two ha!ha!ha!

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    1. Thank you Susan. I think Herbie is unassumingly talented. I got the impression while watching the videos that he conferred his own admiration and focus on the vocalists. Oh yes – Hugh certainly gets me jiving with that song and inspired by his staying power all these years. I think he can show a few young people how to have fun😀

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    1. Ok, you cheated a bit 😊 I’m still on first name “H” but since I am partial to Phyllis, your contribution is most welcome and when we get to P, she will definitely be on the list again😀

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