It’s your time


Liberate your mind–

you are much greater

than you think you are


Define who you were–

before you became a slave

to extraction and contraction


Start to know yourself–

prescribed by your own story

in the language of your tongue


It’s time to know your worth–

the value of your golden soil

your ample rivers and sun


You lose it everyday–

just giving it all away

with handshakes of bonded strife


Remember your name–

come into your own light

be the centre of your own universe


Africa, it’s your time!



Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a public lecture delivered yesterday by Kenyan nobel prize winning writer and  Professor of English, Ngugi wa Thiongo,  entitled: “Secure the base: decolonise the mind”

The map depicted in the image above illustrates how large Africa is in terms of space in comparison to other major powers. It is also blessed with a wealth of resources yet Africa remains one of the poorest continents in the world. It is still primarily  the dark continent in terms of electrification. As a continent that was colonised by many European countries while its people became  victims of slavery and oppression, there is a school of thought towards freeing our minds from colonisation and reclaiming  our identity and place in the world.