A special musical tribute


For those who follow my music blogs, you will know that I am crazy about music and though I have collections that include “solid gold” pop music, a bit of jazz, reggae, world music and even Pavarotti,my first love is in the Classic soul, the good old R&B and Smooth Jazz Genres. But there are songs or musicians who linger in the archives of my memory,that haunt me for some or other nostalgic reason. I wrote a poem the other day https://chevvy8.com/2017/02/21/strange-feeling/ which was stirred by a musician who took me back to my musical awakening. He is a musician who is well loved by many. Though, I have collected his music over many years, his first albums that seduced me, have eluded me all these years. Thanks to the internet, I found them and I thought I’d share some of my favourites for those who share my love of Luther Vandross. Please feel free to add your favourites.