A special musical tribute


For those who follow my music blogs, you will know that I am crazy about music and though I have collections that include “solid gold” pop music, a bit of jazz, reggae, world music and even Pavarotti,my first love is in the Classic soul, the good old R&B and Smooth Jazz Genres. But there are songs or musicians who linger in the archives of my memory,that haunt me for some or other nostalgic reason. I wrote a poem the other day https://chevvy8.com/2017/02/21/strange-feeling/ which was stirred by a musician who took me back to my musical awakening. He is a musician who is well loved by many. Though, I have collected his music over many years, his first albums that seduced me, have eluded me all these years. Thanks to the internet, I found them and I thought I’d share some of my favourites for those who share my love of Luther Vandross. Please feel free to add your favourites.


4 thoughts on “A special musical tribute

  1. These albums escaped me too…in fact for years I never knew they existed. For the longest, I thought the story of Luther Vandross began with his singing on Change’s The Glow Of Love album tracks “Searching” and “The Glow Of Love.” It wasn’t until I heard “The Second Time Around” on (what else) The Quiet Storm radio show that I even knew Luther Vandross had cut two albums as part of the group Luther. Of course, he kept them out of print so no one could find them anywhere. Thankfully, the internet has them so they can be heard.

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    1. I know the quality is not great but as I said before those songs resonate so much with me because they take me back to a bittersweet time of my youth. I’ve been relentless in finding these and I can now have closure. When you have time, throw in some of your Luther favorites. Sweet dreams Tracy!

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  2. Just getting back to doing this, but here are some of my Luther favs:

    “The Power Of Love/Love Power”

    “Never Too Much”

    Not his original song, but I love his version just the same: “What The World Needs Now”

    “Make Me A Believer”

    I could go on and on…there are so many of his songs that I loved.

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    1. A very impressive list. You know we have a lot going down here that makes listening to the news quite distressing. I was listening to a radio host earlier talking about her “go to” song when she gets distressed. She played Michael Jackson’s Man in the mirror. In similar vein, I would choose Luther’s -What the World needs ……
      But back to your list – it’s a great list. I saw the boombox in Never too much – also great lyrics. Here is my one for the road

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