Something happened


I was a dusty, weary wayfarer

bruised and limping on bare feet

The night had been far too long

my heart, stone-heavy and dark


But something happened


The first rays of the sun sneaked in

carefully bathing my sullied skin

Fresh winds untangled my hair

and I found you sitting right there


Yes, something happened


Though strangers, we were kindred spirits

perhaps I was taller, but only in height

On this new day, we both had a chance

to brush the soot off our chimney-souls


I know that something happened


It always does when a new sun rises

filling us with unexpected surprises

No matter our distinction and persuasion

the new day levels for us a new haven


Something happened to us today


Another chance to stand, start afresh

another moment to fall back in love

with life itself and our own raison d’être

It’s ours now, let’s absolve their blame.


Something is happening to all of us today.