Strange Feeling


It cuddles me in the midnight hour

Opening me up like a blossoming flower


Wrapping me in the afterglow of that feeling

When the rapture of an orchestra hits the ceiling


Like gently cupped whispers filling my ear

To fall in love again, let go, run wild my dear


Don’t think about tomorrow, today is right here

As the music plays, feel my warm breath so near


It reaches deep within, moving mysteriously inside

The strange feeling of love that I just cannot hide


It takes me back to another season in time

It  directs me to fill this page with my rhyme


It’s taken over my body and soul

Before I know it, I’ve lost all control


Could It be that I’ve just lost possession of my mind?

Or is this the love song that took so many years to find?


I may not understand this strange feeling that I get

But I know that this emotion hasn’t left me quite yet