The Midnight Rendezvous






10 thoughts on “The Midnight Rendezvous

  1. Love the silky syncopation of TWO’s voice, tinkling piano, how the horn jumps in. Brian Tarquin’s voice is smooth and the music, intuitive, as if those electronic riffs are reading his mind. Preston Glass has an island feel to it, marimba dancing on the bass as he Ooooohs. Lillo Thomas has a versatile voice, sometimes soft, sometimes powerful, as he reaches for those notes, also like the finger snapping beat. A lovely break on a Saturday evening. Thanks for sharing, Chev. I’ll get out of your head now. 🙂

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    1. “syncopation” I love that word Joan. Even moreso is how you honor me by really listening to the music. I just felt like sharing some songs from one of my play lists. I love naming them according to mood. It’s a dropdown from my own Quiet Storm collection. So glad you enjoyed it. I also have a late night jazz list that just seems to sound better close to midnight. Thank you for listening.😀

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  2. Ok so I don’t know if I mentioned in one of the My Jams posts that Lillo Thomas is supposedly related to me.
    These are some smooth jams girl!
    Very nice for a midnight rendezvous. I have never heard the first jam but I dig it!

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    1. Well now, I’m discovering everyday that I’m indirectly connected to famous people hahaha!

      I might focus more on music over the weekend given my availability. But I also thought it would be great for throwing in a mixture of old and new music – a bit of my own Quiet Storm.😀

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  3. Love this, Chevvy…to be honest the only song I was familiar with before I listened was the Lillo Thomas song. That said, I liked all of them, and they make a perfect soundtrack for a midnight rendezvous.

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    1. Thank you Tracy. I’m happy to have your expert opinion because I got to thinking about having my own Quiet Storm with a mix of old and newer songs. Some of these songs were new discoveries for me too and if I can promote some new material to romance everyone with – that’s the idea!

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