A photograph of yesterday: 100 word story


Who was she looking at when the camera clicked? Her lips gently smiling, some buttons undone. What had happened in between that had turned her into the insecure woman she had become, nervously touching her hair to control invisible wisps.

That photograph spoke of dreams dissipated, passion evaporated and confidence eroded  when you looked now, at her threadbare apron, her worn shoes, her bitten nails.

The frown now a furrow on her brow and yet– if you peeped through the keyhole of her kitchen door, for a second, you’d catch a glimpse of a childlike anticipation in her fiery eyes.


10 thoughts on “A photograph of yesterday: 100 word story

  1. I totally LOVE this picture, her totally natural beauty and ease. As for what happened in the story, I can only guess it was a slow erosion of self. Thank heavens a glimpse of fire remains in her eyes. A tiny ember is all it takes to rekindle the self, you just have to recognize and nurture it. 🙂

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      1. I agree Chevvy. This really could be any of our stories. We start out with such optimism and sometimes end up totally frazzled.
        This is what I love about your poetry–it speaks the truth about the human experience.

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        1. I shared this story with my friend and her sister over the weekend and it felt like I had been writing about them after listening to their stories. I agree, it is relevant to all of us in some way – to men as well.

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