Romancing Mauritius

In keeping with the theme of love and romance for this month, I thought I’d showcase  Mauritius which is a favourite destination for honeymooners. Since this was a business trip for me, I’ll have to paint the picture of romance as I see it. I appreciate that the notion of romance will mean different things for different people.Personally, my favourite romantic destination is still Paris. However,there are other reasons to punt Mauritius as one of the favourite destination for lovers.


Mauritius which was a  once a French colony followed by British rule, gained its independence from Britain in 1968.Situated 1200 miles south east of Africa in the Indian ocean, it is considered part of Africa. It has a subtropical climate and a population of under 2 million people. While sugar cane farming has been the cornerstone of the economy, real estate and tourism have rapidly risen. The beautiful beaches and sea related sports such as snorkelling among the coral reefs would be among key attractions for visitors.

Now if you are a honeymooner, your hotel room will be an important feature of your stay so I thought I’d share some views of my room (sigh) The balconies have views of the ocean and palm trees.



And when you’re looking to take a long soak in the bath tub, watching a bit of television or listening to a music channel or taking a shower together, the bathroom is pretty neat.



If you would like to take midnight walks through enchanting pathways, take a dip in the pool, swim in the ocean or take long strolls on the shore, there’s romance for you.




If you’d like to sip cocktails as you lounge around or eat your dinner on the deck while you look out at the ocean and see it majestically change hue and ambience as the sun sets, take a look for yourself.






For some evening entertainment, watch the Sega dancers do their courting dances to the rhythm of African drums as you are served a cocktail menu on a freshly swept beach. For me that fire burning on the shore was just another feature to symbolise the passion of the night.




And when you come up for air from the romantic rendezvous, if you are a diver or snorkeller, here is what you could see of the coral reefs.

The native language of Mauritius is Creole. English and French are the other main languages spoken. I always associate my visit to Mauritius with the beautiful music of  Viktor Lazlo – great mood-setting music.  Enjoy the trip and thank you for  viewing,reading and listening.