Love is in the air!!!

There is a lot to take in these days that  can send us into bouts of depression,fear or anger. So a chance to escape into the dreaminess of new love or loving the one you’re with is a great place to escape. So be my Valentine and join me in celebrating love by adding your favourite song that you’d like to add to this list and get that love thang going around. I’ve chosen three songs to kickstart the list. First on my list is this sexy man who can be my Valentine anytime y’all . If you  want to get the mood right, listen up to Will Downing.

Then there is this old song which still tugs at my heart and brings back good old lovin’ memories. Listen to those high notes:

And if your spirits want to just run free….

So post your favourite Valentine’s song in the comments section. Feel free to share whatever genre inspires you with love or maybe that you would like to dedicate to your loved one 💘💘💘💥💥🎉🎉💖💖