Drawn by the big city lights

She traded her pumps for high heels


On weekdays she worked in a milliner’s factory

Over weekends she treaded the steps of a queen


Though named after an ordinary flower

Her extraordinary dreams gave her power


While life has not been a bed of roses

She walks in paths of their heady perfume


Though age makes her grow ever smaller

Her optimism always grows even taller


My heart brims with eternal gratitude

For her contagiously  positive attitude


For one who is so small in her stature

I see her image much larger than her life


She takes everything in her stride

And nurtures us with so much pride


With eighty years now completely behind her

She still remains fiercely strong and independent


Today God has blessed you with another day

You deserve so much more than I can say!


Happy Birthday to our dear Mother!






13 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. Yes Chevvy. this poem is very different to ‘I Wonder’. And as you explained, the relationships were different – both very important still – but here you are talking about the character of one person and in the other, how much you are missing your mother. Both poems are deeply profound touching on how each character has impacted your life. This poem tells me that you have a lot of gratitude for Daisy and how her strength has made a wonderful difference to your life. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sis,
        You have no idea how many times we’ve lounged around this place while you were sleeping 🙂
        We try to be quiet, but then I get hungry and T. has to stop me before I go rummaging around in your fridge! LOL!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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