Blood on their hands (100 word story)


Her brother ate ravenously, gulping the cold water as if the taps had run dry. He wasn’t the only one who seemed to have been starved and maltreated.

When she waved goodbye, she did not know that it would be the last time that she’d gaze into those vacant brown eyes. Human beings were dispatched like postage stamps, no reply to sender, leaving blood stained hands that no amount of water could cleanse.

Stunned by the news that an executive order had terminated those anonymous lives, Macbeth now pales in comparison.

Conscience was murdered that night.

Her corpse lies unidentified.


10 thoughts on “Blood on their hands (100 word story)

    1. Thank you Kamal. I know it is a hard story but it is based on a terrible incident that has happened and could happen anywhere through thoughtless bureaucracy. Worst of all when everyone shirks responsibility. Thank you for reading.😀

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    1. Hello Joan. On a lighter note, I’m glad that the story hooked you. However, it is a grave one and true and one that has shocked everyone. I’m not proud to share the details but it does illustrate the unintended consequences that can occur when political heads just sign things away and result in the “blood on their hands” Worse if they fail to admit to their culpability. Sadly – the most vulnerable people have died from such bungling.

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