What was your break up song?

Yes, it’s Friday and I thought we’d have a bit of fun with this post. I was listening to callers sharing their break up songs on the radio yesterday and thought it would be fun to hear yours. Of course most people had put some distance between the pain of their experience and were able to laugh about it now. If you’d like to play along, please add your song and story or comment here.

Most of us have experienced break ups at some point in our lives and there might be a song that reminds us of that time, person or experience when we wallowed in our misery by playing that song over and over and then never wanted to hear it again. I once compiled a whole playlist to accompany my bouts of crying  – in a way this was a form of catharsis and working through the emotions. Not all break ups are just sad though. Some are the kind that make you so mad that the songs tend towards telling the other person to get lost.

So I’ll go first. This song reminds me of a time where I broke up the relationship and this was my rationalisation:

The next two were accompanied by many crying sessions of a painful break up:

This one was reflective of  the time it takes to get over someone. When you think you’re over, some memory or experience just knocks you down again.

Then of course there are the break ups like these two where someone gets booted out

Or are you still thinking about it?

Thanks for reading/listening and feel free to  add to the collection whatever the genre.