100 word story: What remains


Amidst the charred remains lie remnants of children’s clothes. Someone cared. But where were they all in the early hours of the morning when that shack went up in smoke, smothering, choking and snuffing out the tortured screams of three innocent lives?

Someone heard a fight, the mother’s screams. Someone brought a pail of water but it was too late.

Who are they who should defend this happening again?

It just did. Another child torched in a shack yesterday. A melted, twisted shell of metal. Remnants of a home, another life stolen by them. By us all. Where were we?


5 thoughts on “100 word story: What remains

    1. Unfortunately this is a true story that happened this week and while there will be
      those who will take the blame, this is part of a bigger problem. Thanks for the visit Ameena 😀 You are right, the same applies for many tragedies across the world.


  1. Dearest Chevvy:
    I enter the studio with reverence for those lost.
    I shared this awhile back on another blog:
    When tragedies happen, people say, “How could God allow this to happen, to which a wise person responded, “No, how could we?”
    You, my sweet, have posed the same important question🌹

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    1. I have to say Lady G that that I am disadvantaged by the timezones since this is when the fun and games begin – when I’m in LaLa land.

      Nevertheless, I am so glad you appreciate the gravity of my story. I’m afraid these kind of incidents happen so frequently here that people become immune to it. But this incident horrified me so much and made me think about our collective responsibility on issues like poverty,inequality,standards,uncontrolled urbanisation against women and many other other issues that regularly lead to this kind of tragedy.
      Thank you for the reverence my dear – those three babies that died need it. 🌹

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