What ifs


These questions that gnaw at me,

nibbling at the joy that life brings,

feeding me with cheesy excuses,

muddling doubts, impotent fears,


stealing glitter off golden moments,

when I should have been totally here,

not wondering on my own out there–

an exile behind my own prison walls.


What if this is what was meant for me

all along, complete with every crack,

every blemish that prizes the antique,

aspired by most but afforded to a few.


What if I had made an irrevocable error–

taking the bus and not boarding the train,

believing that life had to ride the highway

instead of pausing at each station en route?


What if there were no what ifs to choose–

where automation usurped my controls,

clipped my wings so that I could not fly?

Would I be the me that has reason to be?


What if I told you that this is exactly it?

I’m just where I need to be, here with you?


It’s in the the stars my love, in the stars!



Thank you to Marie from ComeFlywithme for the prompt to write this poem