When Reason leaves


She wavers a while

Knows she should stand guard

Has seen your pain before


But she has a Rival

Passion is not her friend

He descends in Don Juan style


Sweeps her out the door

Yesterday’s dust that had settled

Residue of ashes from old fires


Caught off guard in the moment

You savoured its forbidden taste

Intoxicated by its delirious fragrance


She faints again and again

There are no smelling salts

To revive her back to sanity


Once more the fool

When the music plays again

A piped tune, you’d follow to the end


Into the abyss of regrets

Where guilt bites hard, a rabid dog

Infecting you with madness


Until the face in the mirror

Becomes a stranger

Lost to who you thought she was


Passion has her way with you

Even when you tried to say no

It was merely a whimper


He chose not to hear

Because your actions spoke

Much louder than your words


Reason would find you once again

In the drunken gutters

When the party had ended.