Sunday coming down

Having been on and off my blog for a while, I’ve not been attending to this weekly feature. I once heard someone say that you should be home by sundown and prepare to get your head right for the week ahead to avoid a disorganised week. Whether this is true or not, you be the judge. My contribution though is to invite you to chill with my music if you like R&B classics with a touch of smooth jazz.

This time around though, I thought I’d pull out my A-Z collection of music in that order. Not an easy task but it gives me a chance to sift through music I haven’t heard in a while. So starting with artists or groups with the letter “A”, sit back and relax to Sunday coming down which is after 6 p.m. here in the South. You can also save it for your Sundown. Feel free to add to my list in the comments section.