The Magic is always near



Sometimes you know the Magic is near

It somersaults and pirouettes in the air

Announcing that someone special is there


She knows how to bring a smile to your face

Generous in spirit, not frilled behind the lace

A heart so warm, filled abundantly with space


She once waved her magic wand to the star

And spotted me amidst the milky way from afar

Soul to soul chemistry, that’s just how things are


When you reach out and touch what you can’t see

You know that this was always destined to be

That we’d touch each other’s lives and hold a key


Unlocking memories, the mysteries of our dreams

Because we know that it’s not always as it seems

We are to each other as the river to the streams


So here I stand raising my glass and saying cheers

Wishing you many blossoms and harvesting years

And if you cry today, let it be with joyful tears