Looking back (100 word story)

Gstaad : Chevvy8

Some memories are knocked out by ether, suddenly, inexplicably like death.

But there are those which hold on like kites, stubbornly clinging on meshed fence despite pressured wind, rain or snow.

She was nine years old when she ran through the night in terror, thinking her mother was dead. It had been the worst fight yet.

There were many other incidents of crazed abuse and relentless unhappiness in that house, but perhaps just enough love to get by.

Looking back, she remembers hearing similar stories from other kids. But there is something about that episode that shaped who she became.


15 thoughts on “Looking back (100 word story)

  1. Wow! This incident left such a mark that it shaped who this young lady would come to be.
    But you know Sis, it’s interesting that other witnesses, and maybe even the victim-for lack of a better word-might have a totally different recollection of events.
    Of course, that fact does nothing to diminish the affect on this child.

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    1. You’ll recall the course I did last year. There were many stories like this, seen from the perspective of a child of which the adult self was not even aware .It is amazing what happens when the two talk to each other. It fascinates me still, how some experiences can leave an indelible mark that shapes personalities. Anyway – this was a good test of telling a story within 100 wordsπŸ˜€

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