Close the door quietly


Hush now my friend

though winds have spiralled

and lashed out at you.

Walk away on padded feet.


Let them not hear you

as you close the door,

on tricks of your mind

that thwarted your courage.


Those nights tossed in restless sleep,

those days of useless self pity,

those hours of longing

for what you could not have.


Close that door in silence

as you step aside for the light

that will bathe you, caress you

with the holy promise of a new day.


A day filled with surprises–

wrapped with ribbons and bows,

waiting to witness your sheer delight,

to find it was just what you wanted!


Close the door quietly my dear.

Let them not hear the echoes

of your footfalls, or know

that you have been here before.


And when you return to this place,

wearing your victory crown,

let them ululate, bowing at your feat

in their invisible shapes and forms,


No longer able to make you cry

because you have learnt how to fly.