Tell me about Malta…


For those of you who have followed my travel and photo journals,you might have discerned that I attach a certain universal call or purpose to places I have visited and I’m up for adventure when I can find it. So I was quite happy to play along when my 15 year old daughter decided to randomly point out a place on the map where she thought we should spend a family holiday. Her finger landed on Malta.

I must confess that before this, I hadn’t known where Malta was. So my first geography lesson was to discover that it was an island country between North Africa and Italy. Mr Google came in handy with some pictures and interesting facts about Malta which intrigued me to pay it more attention.


So we’ve added Malta to our bucket list for when we have time and money to visit what sounds like a really cool destination in terms of history, language, culture, people,nature, food and access to other parts of Europe, especially Italy.

My interest in this country has also been piqued by suddenly hearing or seeing mention of it wherever I turn. So, I’m keen to hear from anyone who lives in Malta or has visited Malta. Tell me about your experience and what the selling points of the country would be. Of course, I want to take my own photographs but Mr Google has kindly lent these to me in the meanwhile.






41 thoughts on “Tell me about Malta…

  1. Never been to Malta, but I’ve heard that once you place something on your wish list, it starts to pop up everywhere, signs that kind of cement the idea into reality. In the poetry world, it happens to me all the time, hopefully it will happen for you, too. πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s exactly the idea Joan.I’ve never been to Italy so it might work to combine the two. Of course I need some help from the universe. Everyone is tightening their economic belts at the moment. But I’ve been surprised many times before.πŸ˜€

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    1. I suppose I like the idea of making a project out of it. Reminds me of your post about anticipation.Yes, I keep hearing good things about Malta now after not having known much about it before.❀️

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    1. Ah! but when Synchronicity speaks, I listen. So I have a feeling about this which can supersede time and money.
      Someone I might be working with, was in Montenegro the other day. Another place I had heard about but couldn’t place. It’s also very beautiful and quaint.
      I know you love New York – that also remains on my list to return to.

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      1. Let me see, so there’s Australia, NZ, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Peru (Inca ruins), SAf, Morocco, Kenya (safari & Mt K), Europe (especially the eastern part), St Petersburg & Moscow, Scandinavia & Iceland, Canada, the US (again), Sri Lanka, Bali, Lahore/Karachi (a fascination to see what the “other side” looks like) and the parts of India I haven’t been to yet… Any sponsors?

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    1. Hello Paul. Thank you for reading my post. I wish I could claim that the photographs were mine but I found them on the internet. I would love to visit your country and take my own photographs. I’m really glad to meet a Maltese. You are welcome to share any selling points that make Malta a great destination. You’ll get a feel of places I’ve been under my photograph section, but in a way, this is about helping my 15 year old daughter to believe in magic and that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.πŸ˜€

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      1. That’s so sweet πŸ™‚ Couldn’t agree more ! Might try and post something about Malta in the future. I take photos for personal enjoyment, I’m nothing close to professional. But that’s a really good idea πŸ™‚

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  2. It is not the prettiest of places as much was bombed during WW2. My father (British Army) helped defend it. But the bits that remain are part of the Unesco World Heritage sites. They have neolithic temples older than the pyramids and an abundance of Baroque churches – each one as big as a cathedral. The people are diverse ethnically and very friendly, loud, proud, generous, family-orientated and nosey too. Like the Italians, everything revolves around their cuisine, which is influenced by the proximity to Italy and North-East Africa, Mediterranean and previous colonists, the English and then French – lots of pasta, pastries, bread, fish and seafood. Portions are huge. They brew their own beer and wines.Like most people in the Mediterranean, they are happy and fun loving – there are amazing nightclubs (St Julians) with lively music. Everyone speaks English – they have UK plug sockets and drive on the left but use kilometres. You will fall in love with Malta.

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    1. Wow! this is great! Thank you so much. From your description, I am definitely confirming this on my bucket list. I appreciate this so much. I could fall in love with all the things you’ve mentioned. Best wishes. Chevvy.

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  3. I commented on this Chevvy, but the comment seems to have disappeared. I really don’t have the energy to rewrite it. The basic points were I see what you mean about what you said and the first person’s comment. I am sure you will pay Malta a visit much sooner than you think! πŸ™‚

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  4. I am 50% Maltese and also visited the island back in October 2015. It is beautiful, so much history! The country has so many different cultural influences that can be seen in the architecture. I grew up with my grandparents speaking Maltese and when I was there I was surprised to still hear people speaking the native language, felt like home. Everyone speaks English though, so communication is easy. The Blue lagoon is a must, they take you on a tiny boat, into the Mediterranean and you see the bluest water ever! The city of Mdina is one of my favorites and also where they filmed some of season 1 of Game of thrones (they also filmed at the azure window which is another must.) The wine is to die for and the food is similar to Italian food. They eat a lot of rabbit. The rabbit stew is a staple, but my grandmother told me to avoid the word fenek (maltese for rabbit.) But my absolute favorite food were the pastizzi’s as I grew up on those. They are on every corner like pizza in NY. Be careful, you will gain weight from the trip! Enjoy!

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    1. Hello my friend. I’m so pleased to hear from you. I’m assuming that you are no longer in Malta since I’d think our timezones are similar. Your contribution entices me further to want to visit Malta and I’d love to add Italy and or Morocco to the list when we eventually go. How about the weather? When is the best time to visit?


      1. We went in October and it was warm but cool. We even went to the beach one day at golden bay? I forget the exact name now. We went for 1 week and were able to hit up all the tourist places. We stayed in Selima which was perfect bc all the ferries were there.

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