Tell me about Malta…


For those of you who have followed my travel and photo journals,you might have discerned that I attach a certain universal call or purpose to places I have visited and I’m up for adventure when I can find it. So I was quite happy to play along when my 15 year old daughter decided to randomly point out a place on the map where she thought we should spend a family holiday. Her finger landed on Malta.

I must confess that before this, I hadn’t known where Malta was. So my first geography lesson was to discover that it was an island country between North Africa and Italy. Mr Google came in handy with some pictures and interesting facts about Malta which intrigued me to pay it more attention.


So we’ve added Malta to our bucket list for when we have time and money to visit what sounds like a really cool destination in terms of history, language, culture, people,nature, food and access to other parts of Europe, especially Italy.

My interest in this country has also been piqued by suddenly hearing or seeing mention of it wherever I turn. So, I’m keen to hear from anyone who lives in Malta or has visited Malta. Tell me about your experience and what the selling points of the country would be. Of course, I want to take my own photographs but Mr Google has kindly lent these to me in the meanwhile.