The perfect match…


Some blow in on a gusty hurricane wind

Plunging our lives into unpredictable havoc

Blowing up a tempestuous storm in our hearts

Leaving our emotions strewn in chaotic shreds


Some are like a simmering stew on the stove

Constant in their wholesome food for the soul

Wafting the aromas of country-fresh living

Making us feel the nostalgia of warm comfort days


Some sit with the sorrowful eyes of an old stray cat

Shivering in need of attention and stroking affection

Giving you the pleasure of a Florence Nightingale

Fulfilling your purpose, adding meaning to your life


Some sit as a clock on the old oak mantelpiece

Passing the time, counting the hours and seconds

Each day they’ll take you through your daily routines

Every Wednesday you’ll kiss and cuddle then fall asleep


Others crackle and burn in the living room fire

Warming and consuming you with leaping flames

The passion is intimately real and all reason is lost

And you want to die when the embers reduce to ash


You ebb and flow into my life,an endless surging tide

Swirling and twirling with my feelings every moment

At high tide you swoop me into dangerous adventures

Then you take my mind with you into receding waters


No guessing as to which one of you I would choose

I know that trying to find the perfect match, I would lose.