Your pen


Silky smooth and slick

Lines of vivid expression

Seduced every page


Ink, dark and fluid

Dripped with blood from your heart

Fine calligraphy


With pregnant pauses

Emphasizing boundless love

Nursing every sheet


With delicate care

Loving words everywhere

The book now complete


Your pen has run dry

A scratchy erratic scrawl

Nothing more to give


The pages yellow

In a book rarely opened

Of a love gone cold


8 thoughts on “Your pen

      1. Girl, I been running on fumes. Just told another blogger that I thought I was over a bad cold but it came back with a vengence!
        I am now on a new batch of meds so I’m hoping to get better soon!
        Hearing from the Poetess always lifts me though πŸ™‚

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    1. Dear Joan – I’ve always appreciated your comments. I guess you can make of it what you will but I suppose it is a comment on the demise of relationships you’ve invested in but also the inspiration to write. I guess I’m searching for my groove.πŸ˜€

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