Time to say goodbye

Dear Friends

What a ride this has been! I started blogging in April last year with no idea what magic lay at my fingertips – the ability to reach amazing people from all walks of life from all over the world.

Whatever brought us here, we each come with some goal or objective. Mine was simply to have fun and share my favorite hobbies. I’m walking away richer in making friends, learning about you, your talents and art and your countries,while developing my own creativity.

So much has happened in the world, my own country and in my own life since I started blogging and while I experienced highs and lows in my own life, my blog was my second home.

I am honoured to have interacted with some of you or know that you found something you liked in my studio. What joy there is in putting something meaningful on a blank page. I walk away knowing that our engagement with each other through our blogs transcends so many barriers and boundaries we experience in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, as one of  my favourite songs says: “Everything must change, nothing stays the same.” Change is happening all around me that requires me to move on. I’ll be closing my blog by the end of the week. I’ll be happy to hear from you until then.

I hope that one day I might return, but I leave now, so much richer and wiser from all the lessons I’ve learnt. I wish you all love and since music is one of my great passions, I’ve dedicated one of my favourite songs to you.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your blogging journeys.

With love and best wishes!






28 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. Chevvy… My heart is heavy. I will miss you so dearly. You have brightened so many of my days and brought tremendous light into my darkness… You have taken me along with you to places that I never would have wandered if not for your beautiful photos and the sharing of your journey. I thank you for all of this and for being such a friend from afar…
    I will miss you profoundly…
    I hope your journey is filled with many beautiful moments…

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    1. Dear Michael, I am so touched by your response. What started out as fun posting for me turned out to have significance I couldn’t have imagined. I’ve been deeply moved by what you’ve shared and you’ve always made me smile when you’ve loitered and lounged in my studio😀 I appreciate your regard so much and will catch up with you on your blog during this week. In the meanwhile, I hope that you are still inspired with hope and fighting strong. I know that you know what a moment can feel like and how it can impact your life. So if you’ve found relief and pleasure in the moments you’ve spent here, I am happy. See you soon. Best wishes. Chevvy.

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  2. It has been an honor to read your work and get to know you, Chevvy. Sad to see you go, but the train of life moves on. (Great quote, btw.) Hope you will keep writing poetry, you have talent 🙂 Keep that note in your treasure box, perhaps we will meet one day on Campobello Island in Eleanor Roosevelt’s tea room.

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    1. My dear Joan. What a darling friend you have been. I’ve so appreciated your engagement with my work/art. I know that poetry is not always easy to appreciate but you’ve had a special way of coming to know me through my poetry. Let’s keep that dream. So many things have happened to me that I consider as little miracles, so you never know. In the meanwhile stay well and playing the beautiful role of encouragement I’ve seen you share on other blogs. Best wishes. Chevvy

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  3. Chen, I think that one word we both know so well will one day connect us again. Will miss you and your wonderful pieces and thoughtful comments, needless to say. God bless, always! And hey, you have my email, just in case…yeah?

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    1. My dear friend, I feel bad leaving like this,I had to do lots of wrestling with myself to get to this point since this has been a space that has given me enormous pleasure. I hope that I’ve added value to your life as you have done to mine and yes, synchronicity finds us wherever we are.You’ve always been a great inspiration to me and have related intuitively. My blog only expires next year but I’d like to consider what to do with my work when I close it off.Yes, I know where to find you and my details are available.

      Thank you so much for a lovely friendship and stay well and be happy! 😀

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  4. Chevvy,
    It has been an honor and a pleasure to lounge/linger/loiter in your studio. I’m so glad we were able to connect here on WP. I am full of mixed emotions; happy that you will continue on a journey that hopefully will take you where you want to go, but sad that we will be left behind and not able to go along.

    I will always remember how much you encouraged me to try my hand at poetry and I was overwhelmed by the positive response my poems have gotten. Thanks to you, I have another arrow in my writing arsenal. Thanks so much for that, and for the kind words you gave to my writing. The quote you used is a great one, and the song you chose is one of my favorites. So I will leave one of yours in this comment and say, hopefully we’ll connect again, but if not, my life was made the richer by having seen and read your words.

    Thanks, and best wishes,
    T. Wayne (Tracy)

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    1. Dear Tracy, first, thank you so much for the very special tribute by Phyllis. It brought a tear to my eye. Your message reinforces my belief in soul connections. Though we all haven’t met physically, there is just that knowing which brings us together across hemispheres and cultures.
      We have in my country what we call “paying respects” I still intend to pay my respects on your blog.
      I’ve had such fun with you and as you well know, music has its own language and I think we are a special breed that can appreciate that language which is poetry in itself. I will miss you for sure and don’t be surprised if I drop you a line on occasion.

      As for your poetry, I know that you have much more to offer and I’m so thrilled and proud to see you come into your own and thrive on your blog.

      Yes, we all have our journeys. As I recall, this is a special year for you to make it count. I wish you boundless happiness and love. That too, I’m sure you will find. Enough said for now, I’ll visit you before I take off. Fondest regards. Chevvy

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      1. My pleasure, Chevvy. I’m so glad you liked the Phyllis tribute. Feel free to drop a line if you wish, I believe you have my email address.

        Yes, it’s been so much fun engaging with you, and thank you so much for your kind words. Here’s hoping that our wishes come true.

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  5. A shaft of pain ran through me as i read your goodbyes. But yet again, i will forever remain happy to have met and interacted with you through poetry. You have always twinkled hope and encouragement in my writing journey and will forever be grateful for that. As Joan said, you have a gift and am sure this is just a break. There is progression in everything and am sure once you’ll be back, you’ll bring us more secrets and discoveries to life. All the best Chevvy! But i refuse to say GOODBYE rather I’ll say SEE YOU SOON!

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    1. Kamunde, I am really happy to have “met” you and more so to have encouraged poetry from our continent. It would be great to see more of Africa on the map so keep making your contribution. Thank you for appreciating my work and helping me recognise it as a gift. I think this just serves as encouragement to continue playing that kind of role in whatever I do. I’m glad that you are so optimistic about my return and in keeping with that spirit, I will say Au revoir then. All the best with your writing and I wish you every success and joy in life. Best regards. Chevvy

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      1. You have always called me a dreamer, a name that was given to men and women who did extraordinary things in man’s history. I have many dreams and one of them is having the pleasure to meet with you in person. It is a blessing that is worth to be devoutly wished for, since you are an inspiration and an encouragement to my life. I have connected with you and so many others through poetry and that has been my golden moment. Please feel free to write to me whenever for whatever through my mail (astonwriter@gmail.com). Meanwhile, keep safe and many blessings for that which you’ve set to achieve!

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        1. Ah Kamunde, be careful what you wish for😀 I think I did mention that I once visited your country. I was invited to share lessons in the work I was doing so it’s not impossible that I might visit again since there are areas of synergy between our countries. Thank you so much for the compliment and the invitation. Yes, I agree – dreaming is about doing extraordinary things. I think I’ve said to you before, take note of your dreams, the intuition and messages they send you, you’ll find the seeds of inspiration and success there too.😀

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  6. Chevvy,
    I’ve been avoiding coming here.
    You alread know that.
    I had been warned but I just didn’t want to face it.
    But I do understand.
    Like so many others have said, I will miss being able to come here and find so many beautiful treasures to behold.
    You have been so much more than a blogger that I enjoy and you know that.
    I am at a loss for words so I will let the music speak for me.

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  7. My Dearest Gwin – I do know and I’ve been worrying about it. So it means so much to me that you have come over. I was savouring your latest post and I’ll return there when I’m done here. I guess if we were together, we’d be balling our eyes out. I cry easily – you should know. So thank you for this song. We both know that when words fail us, music is the language of choice.

    For me it’s never been about having hoards of people follow me much as I appreciate the fact that over time, many have joined me. I enjoy a few meaningful relationships here and in my life. So you know that magic happens when you meet some people and that’s what happened in that chemistry and meeting of the minds with us. Hey I’d steal you for a BFF if you lived near me.

    But it’s even more special when we can find affinity in people we haven’t met in reality and so I understand why you chose this beautiful song. I’m so darn proud of you, so encouraged by your sense of flare and there are a couple of things I’ve done following those camp fire conversations that you catalysed. Don’t give up on me Babe – our journey is not over.

    I’ve got some further reading to do on your end so I’m not saying Goodbye here. Now wipe those tears Babe😊

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