Power to the powerless


Volcanic eruptions abound

With each step that we turn around

Muted voices rival against the loud

Scrambling from the darkening crowd


So we tremble in our rooms all alone

Eyes focused on blood images of our own

As the sly sooty wind twists and turns

It fans fires across continents as each burns


Lights out, lockdown, you have no power

A prisoner trapped in the hand of each hour

The rumbling rolls into a cumulative groan

Groundswells of power claim the throne


With a quick mathematical calculation

The masses of the powerless have overtaken

The viral infection leaves little room for choice

Unless we elect to speak in a bystander’s voice…



Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a post I read on  random rants ruminations ramblings Please check  out Kunal Thakore to read about the Japanese word  kuebiko   

which helps describe the state many find themselves in with current complexities facing us in many parts of the world.Check out the post at this link: https://randomrantsruminationsramblings.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/the-deliciousness-of-words-iii/