It’s not history

history book

I want to move on

but you keep taking me back

to a place I knew


I was sentenced

no full stops, only commas

in between, gun shots!


Punctuating pause

then the chase begins again

when will it all end?


History has no past–

It seems…


15 thoughts on “It’s not history

  1. You are excellent at what you do Chevvy! I mean that.
    Crafting such a moving message —-very elegantly–God blessed you with many talents. Thanks for sharing them.

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    1. Thank you Gwin , I guess I must listen up for other messages he has for me. This is not an easy topic since it reaches into the heart of who we all are as human beings. I like to believe things will get better someday😀

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  2. I love you use of punctuation, and use of punctuation as a metaphor in this. Genius, indeed. Hope you had a great Sunday, Chev! It’s already come down where you are. 🙂

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