The tag of Happiness

happiness tag

Now I’m not big on awards but I’ve chosen to respond to this tag which I was nominated for  by two of my great blogger friends, Lady G from seekthebestblog and T.Wayne from A Joyful Process  Please do check out their blogs. One of the common denominators to our friendship is Music. I find great pleasure sitting around Lady G’s campfire reminiscing not just about the music but the associated memories these conjure up. As for T.Wayne, he is the modern encyclopedia of Music and we share the love of some of my favorite musicians. So thank you both for tagging me as making you happy. The feeling is mutual.

Getting the happiness tag requires me to tell you about five things that make me happy, share five songs that make me happy and list five bloggers that make me happy. While I’m meant to be taking a break from my blog, I’ve chosen to respond to this tag now because it fits in very well with the reflection time I’m taking for other areas of my life. With a fork in the road, I’m in the space of redefining what makes me happy. So here goes:


I think colour enhances one’s mood and I am happiest when surrounded by vibrant colours. So I get ecstatic to see the lush green grass and garden blooms of all colours even in the midst of winter. Warm orange tinted walls in my house, cool aqua colours in my workspace, reds, and pinks for my lipstick, lavish colours for my scarves and the awesome kaleidoscope of colour depicted in nature – the greatest artist of them all. I still love colouring pencils and my dream is to learn how to paint. I guess underpinning all this is that I am excited by versatility.


Generally, I’m an extrovert though I value being a hermit sometimes. But I’m a people -person especially in the careers I’ve pursued. I am lucky to have crossed paths with many people in my lifetime and my life’s work is about making a difference in whatever I do. Most of all, it’s those special relationships where you feel that chemistry with some people that you can’t explain, which I enjoy most.

Again, I am blessed to have had those deep soul relationships with some people. Some are like passing ships in the night who for that brief moment in time – impact your life in some special way. Others walk with you for a lifetime. I guess this is the attraction of blogging – finding connection with people across the globe which in daily life might be unlikely.


Presently, I derive enormous satisfaction from the opportunity and encouragement the Blog gives me to share my love of photography, poetry and travelling to new places. I’m at my happiest when I’m engaging with new ideas, initiating new projects and visualising what’s possible.


Although I’m a city girl, give me a retreat into mountains, forests and oceans together with a good book that I can get lost in, then I am really happy! Watching the mist descend over the mountains while sipping hot chocolate on an winter’s day, meditating amidst the rise and fall of waves in the sunshine, breathing in the fragrance of jasmine, honey and lavender in spring, hiking in misty,dank forests with family and friends, toasting marsh mellows at a camp fire – happy, happy!


I love various genres of music with R&B and Smooth Jazz being my favorites though I

have many pop favorites. Good lyrics, good vocals and great instrumentation are my

criteria but equally important are the good memories I attach to the songs. Here is a

sample of songs which hold very dear memories/ideals for me.


Five bloggers who make me happy

So there are many of you who I love hearing from or engaging with. But for today I can only choose five bloggers who make me smile for one or other of the above reasons. Please note while I am acknowledging you, do not be obligated to post if you choose not to. For me this is more about making you smile 😀  I’d like to acknowledge the following bloggers:

Kunal at:  random rants ruminations ramblings

Joan at:  JUST JOAN 42

Pri at: thatmishmash

Thumbup at: The playground

Maniparna at: Scattered Thoughts

Thanks again to T.Wayne and Lady G. for the nomination and the happy times I’ve had with you.