The faces of Egypt: Part 4

We left Luxor on a bus and travelled overnight through many miles of desert. The trip was unduly long given that our bus broke down along the way. This in itself was quite an adventure. I’d say – better at night than during the day since it gets very hot in these parts.At some point during the night we also passed through the Suez Canal.We were on our way to Dahab which was to be our base for the following few days.

EGYPT 2010 302_1024

As we approached  Dahab, we passed through Sharm el-Sheikh featured below. Not only was this a break from the desert landscape but also a taste of a very Western lifestyle in Egypt. Many of the western food takeaways could be found here and there was less restriction in terms of dress codes.

EGYPT 2010 301_1024

Our first view of the Red Sea in the early hours of the morning – absolutely breathtaking!

EGYPT 2010 307_1024

Finally, we arrived at our hotel which was about 10 kms outside the town of Dahab. Given that this is desert region,water supplies come from desalination.

EGYPT 2010 352_1024

EGYPT 2010 334_1024

This was our first evening out in Dahab for dinner. A favorite pastime is for men to chill  outside their apartments at sundown with Shisha pipes. We stopped at the Alcohol shop – bottom lefthand corner since alcohol is not served in restaurants.

EGYPT 2010 318_1024

I just loved the colourful and celebratory decor of the restaurants. The food was “to die for ” and so was the fresh seafood. We could literally see what we were going to eat – seeing the fish swimming directly under our chairs.

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Dahab (meaning gold in Arabic) is a prime site for tourism, good for wind surfing and diving and snorkelling among the beautiful coral reefs. Dahab is a prime beach resort which was once a Bedouin outpost and a destination for backpackers. Situated along the Sanai peninsula, it is also a good base for camel rides into the desert. For us, this was our base to Mount Sanai and St Katherine’s Monastery which will be featured in the next post.

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Dahab during the dayEGYPT 2010 335_1024

EGYPT 2010 404_1024

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Thank you for walking this journey with me and look out for our trip to Mount Sanai in my next post💙💙💙